"Unicorn released its first record on 16th June 1986 with a 7" single by the pop art band The Times, a cover of David Bowie's 1966 classic "The London Boys". Since then Unicorn has released a happy range of power pop, jazz, R&B – and especially, since our first release by New York's The Toasters in December 1986, Ska. From the Sixties onwards Ska has been one of the most infectious and enjoyable of all dance beats, and the Unicorn label catalogue shows Ska in a wide variety of moods. From the classic ska to pop ska, from blendings of Ska with soul and jazz to mixes with other Caribbean beats – the Ska flows on year to year with an ever-changing character. Unicorn is proud to present The New Ska Classics."

This is Ska.

I've always liked the Unicorn stuff. Perhaps best known is the Skankin' Round The World international compilation series. Potato 5. Deltones. Very much in awe after hearing Volume 1 (see HP6 p34 - 6/99), I simply had to hunt down as many as possible this time around. They're the orange classics synonymous with the UK's Unicorn mod label – ethically you may have heard that as a business entity Unicorn had a reputation for shady controversy with their releases; not paying artists deserved royalties. So not to glorify that flaw or cloud the quality, this is a historically vital series in both a global sense, and to a degree an overlooked sense. Especially during a time when not too much ska was happening over here in the States. Unfortunately, few contacts are listed in any of these; and chances are they'd be outdated by now anyway.

Music from this era impresses me. Unicorn's existence was limited to five years, during which time they issued nearly 50 ska releases – mostly from bands on these compilations. This sparked a late 80s resurgence of British & European ska bands, "The Unicorn ska explosion." Label founder and scofflaw Mark Johnson fled London and then went into hiding in Turkey because he, not unlike Al Capone himself, was guilty of tax evasion. By then another UK-based label called Dojo Limited picked up and put out the immortal series on compact disc format – in 1996 they also went under. To my knowledge, only the first volume has since been reissued again, with a full-colorized aerojetplane Skaville Airways on the cover and an orange boilerplate. (M.I.L. Multimedia LLC, POB 866, N. Bergen, NJ 0747 USA; they also reissued The Toasters' [Celluloid/Skaloid] Skaboom & Thrill me Up 2 fer 1 under the name Ska Killers in 1996).

– First appeared in Hoi Polloi! skazine #7, pgs. 74 & 75, November 2001.
Accompanied by synopsis & which country/state each obtained in.

A new hope.

Why a tribute reference needed? A websearch a while ago [5/2001] returned too little this way; Six years later and the most I could find was here. Unicorn was an influential ska mod label for its time! I can only imagine what 191 Seven Sisters Road Finsbury Park London looked like. I'm sending away; you always picture Battle Creek Michigan in your mind. Sold by Cartel (GB), New Rose (F), Rude (D) and Caroline International. The power-pop label also themselves distributed ska titles by Link/Skank, Trojan, (Roddy Moreno's) Ska and (Buster Bloodvessel's) Bluebeat labels via mailorder, plus had offices in France & Germany. The following is an incomplete list of the Unicorn titles for future reference. It's not meant to be totally comprehensive as you'll notice there's info like matrix no.s, format and year info missing. The following was gradually reconstructed/ amassed bit by bit from various print catalogs, old fanzines & distributors. Cobbled. I had no idea so much got lost.

The company itself offered a mini catalog in its original LPs, but a lot went OOP as the UK label went out of business over 15 years ago. Since then Lol Pryor at Dojo Ltd. UK repo'd the mastertapes and so reissued the main 5 samplers in the early 1990s. Occasionally now some of the more popular full lengths resurface when German labels like Grover and Pork Pie reissue on CD format – ie. the Mr. Review, Hotknives, Potato 5, Skaos, No Sports debuts come to mind. As THE early sampler of the post-2Tone era, Vol. 1 has been issued to compact disc format at least 3 times over ten years on Skaloid /Celluloid USA 1988 (SKLD8002), Dojo Limited UK 1989 (DOJO CD 175), M.I.L. Multimedia USA 1996 (Esperanto 8511). Each issuance is identifiable by different art, though there's much more to the label than just these five international compilations.

American Uncial isn't celtic in origin but modeled after actual medeval script. Said Unicorn typeface was included as freeware with Coreldraw version 2.0 package that year. Rubber Stamp type is Esselte Letraset 1990... but they're still bastards for not paying their bands... because of this the name Unicorn carries with it a certain financial stigma.

By plane, train, ship or UFO – what it means to do Ska.

(* denotes mod title)
There are a bunch of 7"s way down the bottom

PHZA-1 The Chords – No One is Listening Anymore (1986) *
An 11 track live document of the band, opening for The Vapors, at The Rainbow Theatre London 28 JUNE 1980 8pm. Gig was presented by MCP
LP should contain an insert with a short history of the group.

Billy Hassett (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
Chris Pope (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Martin Mason (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Buddy Ascott (drums)

A1 Something's Missing
A2 Happy Families
A3 It's No Use
A4 Now It's Gone
A5 I'm Not Sure
A6 The British Way Of Life
All songs written by Chris Pope. All songs published by And Son Music Ltd, except 4 published by Singatune Music Ltd. Post-production by The Chords Wall of Sound. Mastered at Abbey Road, London

B1 So Far Away
B2 I'll Keep Holding On
B3 Tumbling Down
B4 Maybe Tomorrow
B5 Breaks My Heart / This Is What They Want

All songs written by Chris Pope, except 2. written by Hunter/Stevenson and 5B. written by Ascott/Hassett/Mason/Pope. All songs published by And Son Music Ltd, except 2. published by Jobete Music (UK) Ltd. Post-production by The Chords Wall of Sound. Mastered at Abbey Road, London

Cryptic messages etched in runout grooves are:
Side A: "Guitars Tuned By Beethoven" / Side B: "The Ghost Is Finally Laid To Rest"
Cover painting by Rick Adams. Sleeve Concept by The Stupid Drummer
Poster Photos & Collage by Bill Stirling at 'Stills'
PHZA-1. Sleeve © 1986 Unicorn Records Distributed by NINE MILE & THE CARTEL. UNICORN RECORDS, P.O.B. 554, London NW8 0JZ. This album dedicated to Billy and Joan.

arrived here 11/19/18 via Coventry UK

PHZA-1 sometimes solid photoblue paper labels
A compact disc pressing of this later exists on Dojo UK

PHZA-2 The Risk – Loud Shirts and Stripes
Debut studio album by Guernsey mods The Risk, released early '87

A1 Man Insane 4:11
A2 Jobs For The Boys 2:59
A3 It's So Strange (Lead Vox – Colin Leach) 2:47
A4 Always (At The Back Of My Mind) 3:57
A5 Ambition 3:30
All songs written by LeGallez/ Leach. All songs Copyright Control
P & C Unicorn Records 1987

B1 Twilight Zone 5:34
B2 Last Train 2:55
B3 Picture Of You 4:58
B4 Oppression 1:55
B5 Whisky And Wine 3:25
All songs written by LeGallez/ Leach, except "Picture of You" written by LeGallez/ Guppy/ Leach
"Whiskey and Wine" LeGallez/ Leach/ Finnerty
All songs Copyright Control
P & C Unicorn Records 1987

Mark LeGallez (lead vocals, bass guitar)
Colin Leach (Lead vocal on "It's So Strange"; lead, rhytm & acoustic guitars)
Billy Finnerty (drums and harmonica; Celtic drones on "Twilight Zone")

All songs arranged by THE RISK
Recorded August 1986 at Mix Masters, San Diego California
Produced by Matt Camione (courtesy of THE TRACERS) and The Risky Boys
Engineered by Terry Cox
Sleeve: Mark Johnson
Logo: Colin Leach
Financial Crutch: Derek & Jackie of In The Crowd (could we have some more please?)

There are so many who helped. You know who you are. Thank You!
UNICORN RECORDS, P.O. Box 554. London NW8 0JZ
Distributed by NINE MILE & THE CARTEL

For further information, write: Tracy & Kim Churchill 22 Val Nord Estate St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom. Sleeve ©1987 Unicorn Records. PHZA-2. rubber stamped MADE IN ENGLAND

runout groove A states 'For The Home Guard: Jackie & Derek, Kim & Tracey'

(The Risk think Rochester NY's Chesterfield Kings are "bloody marvellous!")

arrived 4/3/12 via Denver, CO

rec'd San Diego, CA 8/86*
PHZA-3 Various Artists – Unicorn One: Beyond Tomorrow

From its solid foundation in the late 1950's and early 1960's, Modernist music has gone through various periods of high visibility but has successfully survived mercifully-short bouts of above-ground trendiness to prove its durability and timelessness. Made up of a staggeringly-wide variety of styles ranging from black American R&B, Tamla soul and Jamaican-originated ska through the garage and thrash influenced sounds of the late 1970's to today's musical synthesis. Modernism rejects all attempts to neatly define it – thus making it somewhat mystifying to bothye the "professional" music establishment and its own supporters. Modernism can only be understood through its music and attitudes, and the first Unicorn compilation touches on some of the styles of this singular way of life.

Starting off with a rather strong World view, London's art-pop orientated THE TIMES employ multi-media themes from the Frank Summit trilogy in a confrontation between two leviathans – with Europe the Ground Zero in their war of words. And across the water, CORPORATE HUMOUR from St. Louis combine the memory of Bobby Kennedy, tragically slain in 1968, with reflections on how the young become "pawns in this king's game". Then, since the ability to look at life with a wry grin makes it all worthwhile, we turn to THE LEOPARDS who affectionately send up their psychedelic compatriots. Personal relationships are explored by both THE PICTURES and STEPHEN'S RUIN, with the former delving into things which don't always work out as planned and the latter singing about being lonely without your loved one. The first side is brought to a fitting conclusion by the combination of the clever wordmanship of Jimmy Edwards and Keith West (writer of "My White Bicycle") and the rhythmic harmonies of SHARP.

Rhythm and blues has always made keen observations about the human condition, and THE GENTS' track which opens the second side is no exception with its humorous look at a common urban problem. THE PURPLE HEARTS produce a decidedly radical musical warning that unbridled technology is leaving the human factor behind in favour of a "tower of babel". Two London bands follow, with THE NEW BREED taking a reggae-style format and THE OUTLETS on a more pop-orientated side. To wind up Unicorn's first compilation, we present THE RISK from the Channel Island of Guernsey who sing about Miss Norma Jean Baker and The Big Apple's best-known ska/big beat band THE TOASTERS whose cynical view of "scene unity" is ultimately very realistic.

Backward looking? Revivalist? Not at all. Modernist means solid roots, an understanding and involvement with today, and an optimistic view of what is coming. Trendy? Disposable? We'll leave that to those more concerned with the inconstancies of fame, and concentrate our energies on the stability of time. Beyond tomorrow we have seen the future. . . . and it works!

Cover: M38 (NGC 1912), an open galactic cluster in Auriga somewhat over 4000 light years from Earth. Sleeve: Mark Johnson Sleeve © 1987 Unicorn Records Made in the U.K. UNICORN RECORDS, P.O.BOX 554, London NW8 0JZ Distributed by NINE MILE and THE CARTEL

1. The Times: Dada Europe (Ball)
2. Corporate Humour: America (Cook/Kennedy)
3. The Leopards: Psychedelic Boy (Pash)
4. The Pictures: Strange Thing (Mansbridge)
5. Stephen's Ruin: Somehwere Else (Theissen/Leech)
6. Sharp: Sunday Mood (Edwards/ West)

All songs copyright control except 2.KEPS Music (ASCAP), 3. Sneeky Peet Music (BMI) & 6. Complete Music Ltd.
The Times appear courtesy Art Pop records, The Leopards courtesy Voxx Records and Stephen's Ruin courtesy TM RECS.
P & C 1987 Unicorn Records 33 RPM

1. The Gents: Denaby Dogshit Blues (Burton)
2. Purple Hearts: Head On Collision Time (Stebbing/ Manton/ Sparks/ Shadbolt)
3. The New Breed: Wanted (Casey/Ageh/Skinner)
4. The Outlets: Go Go Girl (Byrne/Vitrano)
5. The Risk: Just Like Norma Jean (LeGallez/Leach)
6. The Toasters: Talk is Cheap (Hingley)

All songs copyright control except 1. Prism/Second Attempt Music. The Gents appear courtesy of Prism Records and The Toasters courtesy Moon RecordsP & C 1987 Unicorn Records 33 RPM

4/28/2011 via St. Louis MO

Compilation (Mar 1987)*
PHZA-4 The Key - The Golden Age (6 April 1987)*

Side 1:
The Key theme
Feeling special
Those days
Pretty sparkle
Singing a lullaby

Side 2:
Counting away my life
The Golden Age
Short changed
The boy in blue
A wonderful thing

1980s USA mods

Sharp - Entertain Me
Sharp were a mid-eighties English rock band, featuring former Jam members Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler. (Weller was off doing Style Council at this point) They released this one single.

Side A
Entertain Me [3:23] (Edwards) Razor Music Ltd.
Produced by Rick Buckler and SHARP, mixed by George Chambers
P & C 1986 Unicorn Records
runout reads "LOOK SHARP"

Side B
1. So Say Hurrah (The Emperor's New Clothes) [3:56] (Edwards)
mixed by George Chambers
2. Next Generation [4:13] (Edwards) Razor Music Ltd.
mixed by Mike Spencer
Produced by Rick Buckler and SHARP
P & C 1986 Unicorn Records
runout reads "Dyslexia Lures K.O."

SHARP logo set in Letraset® Enviro
Rick Buckler - drums & percussion (Ex-Jam)
Jimmy Edwards - lead vox, guitars and keys (Ex-Time UK, Masterswitch)
Bruce Foxton - bass & vocals (Ex-Jam)

Cover painting: THE CIRCUS, 1891 by Georges-Pierre Seurat (1859-1891) The Louvre, Paris
Back photo by Rick Buckler
Bruce Foxton appears courtesy of Harvest Records
Recorded at Arkantide Studios
sleeve © 1986 Unicorn Records
P.O. Box 554 London NW8 0JZ - Distributed by Nine Mile & Cartel
Lyrics on back!

Was also available as "Entertain Me" / "So Say Hurrah" (7 in, Unicorn PHZ-5)

Letraset Enviro: This light-hearted, sans serif typeface evokes the style of the movie industry during the 1920s and '30s. Although some of the letterforms are mildly abstract, Enviro is legible and can be used for headlines where a different look is desired. Created by noted American graphic designer F. Scott Garland © 1982.

released 11/10/86

arrived 2/23/12 via Tacoma, WA

PHZA-5 The Toasters – Pool Shark
Explosive 11 track debut L.P. from America's top Ska band. Includes "Talk is Cheap", "Matt Davis" & "Shocker"!

Side One:
1. Pool Shark 3:42
2. Talk is Cheap 3:44
3. Renee 3:59
4. Shocker! 4:27
5. Toast On The Coast 2:02
All songs by Hingley except "Toast on the Coast" (The Crew)

Side Two:
1. Matt Davis 2:35
2. Weekend in L.A. 4:17
3. Now Or Never 3:11
4. Ideal Man 3:12
5. Naked City 3:05
6. So Long Buck 1:10
All songs by Hingley except "Now or Never" (Hingley/LaForge) and "So Long Buck" (The Crew)

The Crew:
Bucket – Guitar & Vocals
Vicky Rose – Vocals on "Naked City"
Brian Emrich – Bass
Gary Eye – Percussion
Jon McCain – Drums
Danny Johnson – Drums on "Shocker", "Matt Davis" & "Naked City"
Lionel Bernard – Backing Vocals & Moves
Sean Dinsmore – Backing Vocals & Moves
John Dugan – Tenor Sax
Greg Grinnell – Trumpet
Marcel Reginatto – Alto Sax
Ann [Hellandsjo] – Trombone

Special thanks: "The Pool Sharks": john, jason, george & fast eddie; Toshia at Blanche’s & the rest of the crew; Rob Fingerman; Stanley Turpentine; Mark Johnson; Rich Thomas; Jessica Ruskin; Tom Horowitz; Knuckles O’Houlihan; and Gene Meredith for the hook-up. Beer-guts by Rolling Rock

Cover Illustration: Rush, Photography: Melton Junior, Back Logo: Don Alan
Sleeve ©1987 Unicorn Records
Recorded and Mixed at Microsound, N.Y.C., Engineered by Formosa
Produced by Bucket and the boys
(Many thanks to Mick ‘Whitey Francis’ Conroy of MODERN ENGLISH for help on "Talk is Cheap")
Band information: Moon Records 295 E. 8Th Street, New York City 10009 – (212) 460-8466

Notice to the Public: UNICORN RECORDS refuses to be held liable for any insults continued herein and wishes to disassociate itself from any unruly behaviour attributable to the artists or their cronies. MADE IN THE U.K. Unicorn Records P.O. Box 554 London NW8 0JZ. Distributed by Nine Mile / Cartel



THE TOASTERS, the 11-piece New York outfit making such a ska-ful noise on the slate tables in the Big Apple, release their debut album this week on UNICORN RECORDS. Appropriately entitled POOL SHARK, the eleven tracks remain faithful to the beat that singer/songwriter Bucket brought over from London in his back pocket. In an ever-changing club scene, the band are at the tip of the cue of what the New York press are calling a "ska-vival", a resurgence of interest in ska/beat music which is spreading quickly up and down the American East Coast.

Last summer the successful New York Beat album (released in the U.K. as Skaville U.S.A.) highlighted the band against a backdrop of a dozen bands from the MOON RECORDS stable and paved the way for a U.S. album release through Celluloid on the MOVING TARGET label.

THE TOASTERS began as a five piece, releasing their first single "Brixton Beat", on MOON in late 1984, and as the band developed both in size and style, they attracted a large and boisterous crew as well as the attention of some music notables. Their acclaimed Recriminations mini-album (released in the U.K., this spring on UNICORN, cat. no PHZM-1) was produced by Joe Jackson under the non de tune of Stanley Turpentine and was in many ways a turning point for THE TOASTERS.

By last Christmas the band had expanded to its present 11 pieces including the "Unity Two" and the "East Side Horns", and started work on new songs which drew interest from several labels, including UNICORN which released "Naked City" on a four band EP (cat. no. PHZ-4). This was well received by the British music press who dubbed it "post 2-Tone ska". A further track, "Talk Is Cheap", has appeared on UNICORN's first international compilation, Beyond Tomorrow (cat. no. PHZA-3), which was released in March. THE TOASTERS are a wild and dynamic band exploring the ska/ beat spectrum, and certainly know in which pocket their balls belong!

Pool Shark is distributed by NINE MILE and THE CARTEL, catalogue number PHZA-5. For Further information: Mark on 01-405-0025

(dot-matrix print green xerox infosheet courtesy C. Leonard, 4/2015)

All tracks here are later found on Moving Target US 1987, Moon Ska US 1994, Grover VOR-LP213 Germany 2000, Megalith Records US 2003, Phoenix City UK 2012, Black Butcher Germany 2013, Megalith/ JumpUp Records US 2016 issuance of the SKABOOM! debut

For Unicorn's CD format, see PHZCD-55 compilation THE NAKED CITY

via Portland, OR 12/27/08

Toasters Pool Shark reissued by madbutcher.de Black Butcher Classics 2013
• Apparently 1993 UK CD was imported for Japan, incl red Unicorn Records obi strip with catalog number PHZCD60 although I have never seen this firsthand.

PHZ-5PHZ-5December 1986
PHZA-8 Les Elite - Pathways, 1978-1979  mini LP
Side A: 1. Check it out, 2. State 51, 3. Go Go Go, 4. Get a job
Side B: 1. Frustration, 2. Baby come on, 3. Career girl

This London/Durham based band has never released a record. They had only a track on the also superb compilation "499 2139" from 1979 and 3 tracks on a compilation called Beat Generation & The Angry Young Men from 1983
UK 1978-1979
released in Spring 1987
PHZA-9 Modest Proposal – Single Minded*

A1 The Hardest Part (2:40)
A2 After You (2:18)
A3 Live Today (2:33)
A4 I've Seen Your Face Before (2:39)
A5 Nowhere At All (2:20)
A6 One Dimension Love (3:25)
B1 Nobody Says No (2:55)
B2 How I Feel (3:50)
B3 Laugh And Live (3:00)
B4 In Or Out (3:15)
B5 The Look In Your Eyes (2:48)
B6 My Own Interests (3:10)

USA Mods
21 July 87

PHZA-10 The Risk – An Invitation to the Blues
2nd studio album by Guernsey mods, released 4th August 1987
Colin Leach: Lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars
Mark Le Gallez: Lead vocals, base [sic] guitar

1. Only Cry The Lonely* 3:11
2. Little Miss Fortune 3:23
3. Closing Time 2:16
4. The World Turned Blue* 3:34
5. Anastasia Schultz 3:04
6. Good Times 4:25
runout reads "the Risk are Go!" Damont

1. Love Is My Rock 3:51
2. Down And Out 4:04
3. Rumble At The Border 3:43
4. Carrie-Ann* 2:24
5. Norma Jean* 2:45
6. Work* 5:15
runout reads "from Guernsey with luv" Damont
©1987 The Sparta Florida Music Group. Unicorn Records.

This album is not a blues album – well, not in the usual sense. But if you are the kind of person who listens to lyrics, then you will discover a light thread of melancholy running through many of these tracks. No, its not depressing, and we hope that you will enjoy the meanings and structures of the songs. For Those of you who don't know us, Colin and I are two fairly young songwriters who love both the songs and music of the Sixties and that vital spark which existed again in music between 1977 and 1980 – a spark which now, sadly, seems to have disappeared underground. Voices crying in the wilderness maybe. But passion, soul and feeling cannot be destroyed and we hope this album holds some of each of these qualities – if so we will continue to cry.
– Mark Le Gallez, The Summer of '87

UNICORN RECORDS 11a Pratt Street, Camden Town LONDON NW1 0AE UK Distributed by NINE MILE and THE CARTEL. Made in the United Kingdom

Drums: Steve Le Huray
Drums (*): John De Garis
Horns: The Booze Brothers (Nic Cleveland - trumpet; Andy Coleman - tbone) Brass arrangements: The Booze Brothers
Sax on "Only Cry The Lonely" & "Work" : Hersh Rumble
All songs written and arranged by LeGallez / Leach. Recorded at Ocean Studios, Guernsey, Spring 1987. Engineered by Tim Brana and The Risky Boys. Back photos at Okie Dokie, Dusseldorf West Germany, 1 May 1987. Sleeve by Mark Johnson (c) 1987 UNICORN RECORDS

This album is dedicated to all friends and family, Jackie & Derek, Mark and everybody who helped – especially to Uncle Steve and Bill. Thanks also to Tim (Mr. Drop-in), Monty (for his guitar), Nic (for his amp) and John for stickwork. Special thanks to John De Carteret at Nova Recordings, Vale, Guernsey for kind use of studio equipment. Also available on UNICORN: THE RISK'S debut LP Loud Shirt and Stripes (PHZA-2). Information: The Risky Boys, Old Trafford, Jerbourg Road, St. Martins, Guernsey CHANNEL ISLANDS – (0481) 37773

In The Crowd / The Premiere Modernist Magazine. For details send SAE to I.T.C., "Goldhawk", 4 Rue di Pre, St. Peter Port, Guernsey CHANNEL ISLANDS

arrived here 3/28/12 via Blackpool, Lancashire UK

PHZA-11 Unicorn Two Modern Times
Compilation album from the eighties mod revival

Side 1
1. The Risk – Only Cry the Lonely 3:14 (Guernsey UK) recorded 25 January 1987
2. The Threads – The Man with 1000 Faces 3.35 (Lincolnshire UK) 16 May 1987
3. The Act – What She Said 4:03 (Taranto Italy) recorded December 1985
4. The Key – The Golden Age 4:20 (Los Angeles USA) recorded December 1986
5. The Direct Hits – The Ordinary Girl 2:20 (London UK) recorded 18 August 1983
6. The Gents – A Man One Day (Yorkshire UK) recorded May & June 1987
The Gents appear courtesy Prism Records Publishing. 4. New Directions. 5. Twist & Shout 6. Prism Music P & C Unicorn Records 1987

Side 2
1. Sex Museum – Sweet Home 3:13 (Madrid Spain) recorded 9 May 1987
2. The Reaction – Surf Riding 3:00 (Bristol UK) recorded 1 May 1987
3. Baby Snakes – Whisky Bar (Stockholm Sweden) recorded 16-17 May 1987
4. Sons of Jet – Love is Real 2:55 (Lincolnshire UK) recorded 13-14 April 1987
5. Raw Material – Point me in the right direction 2:23 (Leicester UK) 28 March 1987
6. High Style – London in the Mist 3:28 (Tokyo, Japan) recorded 9 May 1987
The Reaction appear courtesy Waterloo Sunset Records. 2. Published by Wicked Works
P & C Unicorn Records 1987

Front cover: Harold Lloyd in SAFETY LAST (1923)
Back Cover: Michei Takahashi and her LI Series II Lambretta at Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Back Photo: Sayrui Takano
Sleeve: Mark Johnson
Unicorn Records 11a Pratt Street, Camden Town, London NW1 0AE Distributed by Nine Mile and The Cartel. Made in United Kingdom 33 RPM

arrived here 10/31/18 via Aliso Viejo CA
Unicorn Two ‘Modern Times’ rare mod LP Test Pressing! Cat no: PHZA-11
Ultra-rare 1987 test pressing, together with printers proof flat (folded) sleeve!
Mint condition – unplayed!

Came with a Cartel / Nine Mile new release info sheet, plus Unicorn Records info sheet, which states:

All over the world, from London to Tokyo, people listen and dance to Modernist sounds, and Unicorn’s second international compilation explores the globe even more broadly than ‘Unicorn One … Beyond Tomorrow’ (PHZA-3). Here we have seven nations of Modernists represented: England, Guernsey, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden and the United States – each with its own perspectives on the sounds of today. Japan, which has so characteristically adopted cultures often more associated with the West, has a thriving Modernist population as do many countries near and far - all united by a common sense of style and amazingly diverse musical tastes. None of these bands are representative of their countries, only of their own personal outlooks – because Modernism is much more about the individual as a member of the culture than it is about the culture itself. Modern times are exciting and to be enjoyed and explored.

Unicorn Records was a Mod, Ska and Power-pop label with releases by Laurel Aitken & Skatalites, Deltones, Toasters, The Chords, etc. Here’s a link to an article about their history, bands and discography: https://hpska.com/related/unicorn/unicorn.html

Label states: The Producers; Cat. No. PHZA 11 (2nd). Date: 22 June 1987. (Handwritten and rubber-stamped). So it’s possible this was a second test-pressing after the first had been rejected? It’s probable that only a dozen or two test-pressings were ever made, few of which will survive today. That’s why you probably won’t have seen one before! No reserve.

Start date: 2011-02-19 Start price: GBP 5
End date: 2011-03-01 End price: GBP 34

Compilation L.P. (6 July 87)*

PHZA-12 The Ambassadors - Somewhere To Hide

1. Who Cried Wolf
2. City Streets
3. Rag Doll
4. Somewhere to Hide
5. A Chest to Pin it On

UK vinyl album record on Unicorn Records (PHZA-12) from 1987.
Mod-Mod Revival-Powerpop-Psych-C86-Twee.
Personnel: Stuart Coward, Andrew Jones, Andrew Spooner
The five tracks are repeated on both sides!
Back cover states, get one side free!

1987, on obscure London Ska label Unicorn
PHZA-14 The Threads - As Yet Untitled... 12" E.P.
2 Nov 1987

Side One:
1. Hey Little Lady 4:27
(Recorded 2-8 JAN 87, remixed 24-25 JAN 87 at The Slaughterhouse, Driffield.)

2. Alison [Do Me Mix] 3:57
(Recorded 29-31 MAY 86 at The Slaughterhouse, Driffield.)

3. With Ourselves 2:03
(Recorded 2-8 JAN 87)

4. Teenage Dream 3:57
(Recorded 29-31 MAY 86, remixed 24-25 JAN 87)

Side Two:
5. Step Back [Sex Mix] 2:43
(Recorded 29-31 MAY 86, remixed 22 SEP 87 at Input, Sheffield

6. Joanna 2:58
(Original recording never finished, re-recorded 2-8 JAN 87)

7. She is a Stranger 4:53
(Recorded 2-8 JAN 87, remixed 24-25 JAN 87 at The Slaughterhouse)

8. The Man with 1000 Faces 4:28
(Recorded 16 MAY 87 at The Blue Room, Kensington London)

All songs written by Paul Keeley and Myk Bull and produced by The Threads except 2 & 5 produced by Ed Ball. Published by Prism Music except 8. P & C Unicorn Records 1987

The Threads are:
Paul Keeley: lead & rhythm guitars, vocals
Tim Mitchell-Smith: Bass guitar, vocals
Myk Bull: Piano, organ , vocals

With thanks to: - Tony Wheeler, Nick Foreman, Al Wood, Mark "Spud" Hancock, Guy Brader, Phil Halton, Colin Richardson & Scott Peters (engineering), Ed Ball & P.M.T. (production).
Unicorn Records 11a Pratt St, Camden Town LONDON NW1 0AE 01-485 1698
Made in the U.K. Distrubuted by NINE MILE/ CARTEL

33 RPM debut out late 1987
uses a bouncy sixties style typeface also found on Pama Recs paper 45 sleeves

arrived here 3/1/12 via Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK
PHZA-15 Baby Snakes – Impudent Reptiles 12" E.P.
8 Dec 1987

A five-piece of hip and raving young men from the chilly north, what could that be but the BABY SNAKES?! As they've been messing around the Stockholm club scene for some years now, they thought it was about time to make a real documentary of the SNAKE sound. People love putting labels on bands. BABY SNAKES have been called a soul band, a rhythm n' blues band and lately even a jazz band. But BABY SNAKES always shake these limited labels off by performing with their very own SNAKE sound. By making a carefully-selected blend of the music they love, they create a sound which is the secret behind why people love watching BABY SNAKES perform. And that's also the secret behind why we think you'll be pleased to own this record. 

1. Snakes Theme (3:11)
2. It Wouldn't Have Lasted (2:43)
3. Eight Days in Khairo (3:24)
All songs written by Baby Snakes and produced by The Medicine Man at the Hut, Stockholm during some sunny days in October 1987 P&C Unicorn Records
1. Whiskey Bar (4:18)
2. Jazzica (2:52)
3. Land of Dreams (3:33)
All songs written by Baby Snakes and produced by The Medicine Man at the Hut, Stockholm during some sunny days in October 1987 P&C Unicorn Records

Information & Booking 
Magnus Englund
Nabydalsv. 16
18331 Taby

Fredrick Ekander - Lead vocals
Jan "Pop Dartan" Vierth - Guitar
Frederik Forsman - Organ
Stefan Andersson - Bass Guitar
Ola Pihlgren - Drums
Session Musicians:
Trumpet - Jonas Wennstrom
Saxophone - Jocke Lundberg
Trombone - Johan Pajju
Percussion on "Jazzica" - Master Henry Gibson
Harmonica on #1 / Snake's Theme - Howlin' Frans Lugmair

Unicorn Records 11a Pratt St, Camden Town LONDON NW1 0AE 01-485 1698
Made in the U.K. Dist, by NINE MILE/ CARTEL
Sleeve notes: EPPE
Sleeve Design: Magnus & Lena, Grape Vine Prod.
Sleeve Execution: Tony Lawrence
Type used on logo= Jackson, 1970s

33 rpm
via Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 - March 2011

Then you own one more copy than I do! Yes I did that cover design with my then girlfriend Lena Högberg, who went on to become a graphic designer. She passed away last year. We ran a Mod fanzine called Grapevine and her dad had a print shop, which was very helpful. Was the manager of the band. I can't remember where we got the photo on the front from, but it's an old photo of a row of microphones. The back is lifted directly from the back of Stevie Wonder's second album, Tribute To Uncle Ray. Yes band name was a Frank Zappa reference; we had a rather wide taste of music within the band (which was sometimes a problem!) Hope this helps Magnus Englund 4 NOV 2018

Eighties Swede pioneersPHZ-5PHZ-5
PHZA-16 ?
PHZA-17 Various Artists - The Unsung Heroes  LP/CD  (1988/1994)
12 extremely rare and prized Mod singles of 1978-81

1. The Crooks - Modern Boys
2. Long Tall Shorty - Win or Lose
3. The Same - Movements
4. The Strangeways - All the Sounds of Fear
5. Squire - My Mind Goes Round in Circles
6. Back to Zero - Your Side of Heaven
7. Directions - Three Bands Tonight
8. The Circles - Billy
9. The Exits - Cheam
10. Sta-Prest - School Days
11. Small Hours - Business in Town
12. Speedball - No Survivors

PHZCD-17 © 1994.  Made in England

15 Mar 1988
PHZA-18 The Toasters – Recriminations E.P.
A1. Recriminations (3:15)
A2. Razor Cut (3:30)
All songs written by R. Hingley

B1. Run Rudy Run (4:11)
B2. Radiation Skank (2:06)
Track 1 written by P. Aggett
Track 2 written by R. Hingley

Produced by Joe Jackson
All songs © Breakfast Music
Made in England
©1988 Unicorn Records

At 7:30am on May 4th 1983, a tired New York band walked out after their first gig at the Lower East Side’s notorious A7 Club with $30 – and a black eye. Five years and a small stack of vinyl later the same group is widely touted as the spearhead of a major East Coast revival movement and boasts a huge cult following.
That band is the Toasters and the music is ska! As a five-piece in early ’84, they launched their own label, Moon Records, which developed into the stable promoting the emergent NYC area ska groups, and later that year issued their first single. Since then they have signed on with Britain’s Unicorn and Ska Records labels and with America’s Celluloid. Their U.S. Skaboom album climbed to No. 54 in the CMJ college radio charts and backed up a runaway stateswide tour from Burlington, Vermont, to San Diego, California.
Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, the band’s Pool Shark album was attracting considerable attention in Britain and Europe, with Underground in England calling The Toasters "more than capable of carrying on where The Specials left off", Scotland’s Zoot seeing the band as "the best thing to come out of America since sliced bread", and Scene Plongeon saying various unmentionable things in French.
Currently as a powerhouse eight-piece The Toasters are throwing down material for their second album, welding influences from a wide spectrum of styles to the adrenalin-soaked dance party that IS The Toasters.
The Recriminations mini-album reflects The Toasters first real demos, instigated by their mentor Joe Jackson, who produced and mixed this session over the course of one weekend at Chelsea Sound’s studio on New York City’s Times Square. It encapsulates The Toaster’s [sic] development as a guitar-based band before the inception of their monster horn section and the introduction of the Unity Two’s flying feet fleshed out their sound. Released by Moon in the summer of 1985, Recriminations immediately provided a springboard for the Toasters to break out to the wider audience that is now skanking from coast to coast.

The Toasters Then: (1985)
Bucket – Guitar & vocals
Steve Hex – Keyboards
Gary Eye – Percussion
Vicky Rose – Bass
Danny Johnson – Drums
Joe Jackson – melodica on "Run Rudy Run"

The Toasters Now: (1988)
Bucket – Guitar & vocals
Steve Hex – Keyboards
Gary Gunnell – Bass
Jonathan McCain – Drums
Lionel Bernard – Moves & chats
Sean ‘Cavo’ Dinsmore – Vocals & feet
John "Mad Dog" Dugan – Saxophones
Ann Hellandsjo – Trombone

Art by Bob Fingerman; Logo by Don Alan
Produced by Joe Jackson (aka Stanley Turpentine)
All songs arranged by The Toasters
Made in England. Dist. by THE CARTEL


45 RPM
Sleeve © 1988 Unicorn Records
Licensed from Moon Records, Suite 2FE, 244 W. 16th Street, New York City 10011 United States - (212) 657-5089

Autumn ’84 – Beat Up 7" (Moon)
Jul ’85 – Recriminations mini-LP (TOAST-6, Moon)
Aug ’86 – Hit & Run compilation (TOAST-10, Moon)
Dec ’86 – Naked City E.P. (PHZ-4m Unicorn)
Feb ‘87 – Skaville U.S.A. compilation (SKAR-001, Ska)
Mar ’87 – Unicorn One compilation (PHZA-3, Unicorn)
May ’87 – Talk Is Cheap 7" (Toast-13, Moon)
May ’87 – Pool Shark LP (PHZA-5 Unicorn)
June ’87 – Skaboom LP (MT-11, Moving Target)
Oct ’87 – East Side Beat mini-LP (SKAT-1, Ska Records, Wales)
Apr ’88 – Licensed To Ska (SKANK-LP 102) "Shocker"
May ’88 – Recriminations mini-LP (PHZA-18, Unicorn) GREEN JACKET
May ’88 – Recriminations mini-LP (MR-005, Moon) BLACK JACKET
Jun ’88 – Skankin’ Round The World compilation (PHZA-21) "Thrill Me Up"

via Mesa AZ, 3/13/09

Green issue 12 APRIL 1988
Later as part of PHZCD-55.
(Moon US LP issue is same art in black, solid red labels)

Added to Skaboom! CD, Moon 1994 press, Megalith 2003,
Phoenix City UK 2012 press.


Recrimination EP Classic 12" later reissued as 7" by madbutcher.de (sub-label Black Butcher Classics, matrix BBC002) out fall 2013 black wax

PHZA-19 The Mondays! – Fortune & Glory 12" E.P.
45 RPM
(Mods from Washington D.C.)

Tim Becker – Drums [Acoustic], Vocals
Neal Sherman – Electric Bass, Vocals
Bill Crandall – Guitar, Vocals
Neil Augenstein – Vocals
Steve Murphy – Engineer, Producer

The Mondays! 1821 Newton St. NW Washington D.C. 20010 (202) 232-0431
Photography: Bill Crandall. Model: Elizabeth,
Distributed by THE CARTEL
Made in England

A1. Well Enough Alone (2:50)
A2. Long Time Ago (1:45)
All songs written by Augenstein
Produced by The Mondays! and Steve Murphy. Engineered by Steve Murphy Made in England (C) & (P) Unicorn Records

B1. The Call (2:40)
B2. Fortune and Glory (1:45)
Track 1 written by Augenstein
Track 2 written by The Generation and published by Ace Face Songs BMI
Produced by The Mondays! and Steve Murphy. Engineered by Steve Murphy Made in England (C) & (P) Unicorn Records

2c printed on the inside-out of the cardboard jacket; glossy inner sleeve.
runout groove A reads: "FAREWELL MODEST PROPOSAL...." LYN20520

via San Ysidro CA, 2/4/12

5 May 1988
PHZA-20 The Risk – Back to the Future *
All rare n' unreleased compilation LP by Guernsey mods The Risk

I Don’t Want To Know Your Name
Waiting At The Airport
Forget The Girl
Know The Truth
Don’t Let Go
I Know A Girl
Nice People
Whisky And Wine
Jobs For The Boys
Good Times

12 May 1988
Various Artists – Skankin' Round The World
• Unicorn L.P. / CASS / CD in UK
• Skaloid LP 8002 in USA (1988)

SKA, Jamaica's first homegrown musical style, has spread from its roots in the shantytowns of the Caribbean to all corners of the globe. The United States, Germany, Spain, Holland, France, Italy and the UK (all represented on this album, all have expanding ska scenes - and even Japan boasts its crop of ska bands and rude boys. After the initial interest from Mods and then skinheads in Britain during the mid and late sixties, ska went underground until, in 1979, the Two-Tone label was set up and re-launched ska on an unsuspecting world. The style had changed, incorporating elements of punk, soul and rock but it still had the drivin' riddim and dance appeal of the original Jamaican creation. Another ten years on, and Ska is enjoying a worldwide boom. Two-tone has gone, and its been followed by a music becoming more diverse yet still owing its sound to Jamaica. Following the ska trail to seven countries, this album presents the most ambitious look yet at the ways today's bands interpret the classic Jamaican style. Listen, Enjoy and do the SKA !!! – Andy Taylor

Baby Elephant Walk (H. Mancini) - Bad Manners 2:01
Dial 'M' for Murder (Hickson/Aberdeen/Aitken) - Potato Five 3:05
I Love to Dance (Wooley/Elli) - Skaos 3:08
Losin' My Mind (A. Visser) - Mr. Review 3:43
Steps in the Alley (Wesselkampf/Fuhlendorf) - Blue Chateau 3:40
Stay Where You Are - Deltones (Smith/Goldsmith) 3:03
Bangin' - (Ferranti/Vitale) Bim Skala Bim 2:40
Le Robot - (Loeb/ Cailleaux) Saxawhaman 2:43
Don Vito and The Revolt at the Madhouse (Kortatu) - Kortatu 1:54
Brand New Beat (Fragiacomo) - Spy Eye 2:54
Thrill Me Up (S. Cavo Dinsmore) - Toasters 3:03
Mister Brown (Zambrano / Campbell) - Donkey Show 3:43

This compilation ©1988 Unicorn Records

runout A: Dance to the Beat...
runout B: ...of the Jamaican Sound! LYN 20771

USA pressing (Skaloid 8002) is heavier weight vinyl,
sleeve notes are in black & the orange is duller - as is the USA CD traycard

UK press / Steve Friel sleeve/ orange label added 10/15/10

UK press / Graeme Fayers sleeve/ blue label added 3/10/13

8 June 1988
PHZCD-21 Various Artists – Skankin' Round The World, The Int'l Ska Compilation CD

• Skaloid CD 8002 in USA (1988) black/white/red Moving Target logo
• Skaloid CD 8002 in USA (1988) black on silver Celluloid
• Skaloid CD 8002 in USA (1988) black on silver Celluloid STEMRA
• DOJO CD 175 UK (1990)
• M.I.L. Multimedia Esperanto USA (1996)
• M.I.L. Multimedia Esperanto USA (1997)

1. Baby Elephant Walk - Bad Manners 2:01 /recorded Mar 23 '88
2. Dial 'M' for Murder - Potato Five 3:05 /recorded Nov '87
3. I Love to Dance - Skaos 3:08 /recorded March '88
4. Losin' My Mind - Mr. Review 3:43 /recorded Dec '85
5. Steps in the Alley - Blue Chateau 3:40 /recorded Apr 7, '88
6. Stay Where You Are - Deltones 3:03 /recorded Jul '87
7. Bangin' - Bim Skala Bim 2:40 /recorded Jan '87 & Aug '88
8. Le Robot - Saxawhaman 2:43 /recorded Jan '88
9. Don Vito and The Revolt at the Madhouse - Kortatu 1:54 /recorded Nov '85
10. Brand New Beat - Spy Eye 2:54 /recorded Apr 28, '88
11. Thrill Me Up - Toasters 3:03 /recorded Apr 18, '88
12. Mister Brown - Donkey Show 3:43 /recorded Nov 20-21 '87

Moving Target Skaloid CD 8002 variant discovered 6/2012 by JWP

PHZA-22 The Second Generation – Spy Catcher
Debut studio longplayer by Scottish Mods The 2nd Generation, released 8/88. Vocalist Rod Spark now runs Groove Tunnel Studio Edinburgh
1. Kick In The Teeth
2. Standard Life
3. Throw It All Away
4. Fate
5. Day Of The Triffids
6. You're All Mine
7. Spy-Catcher
8. Changing Faces
9. Thinking Of You
10. Pictures On My Wall
11. The Way You Were
12. Look Who's Coming

4 Aug 1988*
PHZA-23 Various Artists – Unicorn 3: Into the Light
A collection album from the mod revival of the late eighties. Released fall 1988.
Purple Hearts – Friends Again
The Dilemmas – Fresh out of Nothing
Modest Proposal – Do it for the Movement (USA)
Statuto – Ghetto (Italy)
The 2nd Generation – Standard life
The Boys – Going out
The Risk – Mad about you
The President’s Men – I spy you
The Direct Hits – No one will
Skaos – The Munsters
Crocodile Shop – April Reigns
The Losers – Maybe she’s right

Compilation L.P.
6 October 88*
PHZA-24 Skaos – Beware! 11 NOV 88
The 11 track debut record from southern Germany's top Ska funsters 1988 including "The Munsters", "Going Insane" & "I love to dance"

Later released on Unicorn 2CD and, later Receiver as LOMA 29 UK

Side 1
Going Insane
After Midnight
Destination Skaville
J.B.’s Death
These Boys
The Munsters (MCA Music)

Side 2
I Love to Dance
The Invincible Seven
Jesse James
Frankenstein’s Party

All songs GEMA/EMI Virgin Music. Written by Prince Elli, Mr. Mad Wolley and Skaos except track 6 written by Jack Marshall. Produced by Peter LaBonte. Engineered by Sven Von Strauch

Mr. Mad Wolley – lead vocals and trombone
Prince Elli – Guitar and backing vocals
Prof. Sex Peter – Sax and backing Vocals
Konsti "Linus" – Trumpet, percussion and backing vocals
Lloyd Schiffi – Keyboards
Master Schussel – Bass

"Beware" Sleeve Design by Wolley Winkler. Special thanks to Ruiada, Bollock, Gramme and Ede.

added Tues 10 Feb 2009

11 NOV 1988
PHZA-25 The Risk – Bitter Sweet
Third studio full-length L.P. by mods The Risk, released just before 1989.
PHZA-25 The Risk Bitter Sweet 33 RPM Thursday 8th December 1988

State of The Union (2:28)
You Are the One (252)
Once Bitten (2:45)
Rain* (3:52)
Eyes of Ice (3:25)

All songs written by Mark LeGallez & Colin Leach
Produced by The Risk
Engineered & Recorded bt Tim Brand at Ocean Studios Guernsey
Made In England P & C 1988 Unicorn Records

Good Together (2:38)
Out Of My Head* (2:57)
This Year’s Model (3:12)
Mad About You (3:35)
Dancing with a Stranger (5:10)

All songs written by Mark LeGallez & Colin Leach
Produced by The Risk
Engineered & Recorded bt Tim Brand at Ocean Studios Guernsey
Made In England P & C 1988 Unicorn Records

All songs written by Mark Le Gallez and Colin Leach.
Engineered by Tim Brand at Ocean Studios, Guernsey.

Cover: Ruth Ellis, d. 13 July 1955 Source: Topham

Bronze & Silver sleeve: Mark Johnson and Nick Clarke

RISK INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICE: Old Trafford, Jerbourg Road, St. Martins, Guernsey, United Kingdom

BOOKING: CHANCE PROMOTIONS 191 Seven Sisters Road London N4 3NG


Lead vocals & bass: MARK LeGALLEZ
Guitars & vocals COLIN LEACH
Saxophone: GARRICK JONES (The Baby Giraffe)

Thanks to Chris and Debbie for cutting our ears, The P.O.W. mob, Alan at The Deepend, Nick Le Pondeview (you old anarchist!), Mr. Grolsch, Derwent (ouva spina!), Big Mo ("wind your neck in"), Colleen, the loyal island supporters, Fred and Tom, Pam and Sheila, Pat and Rob, Tim Brand, Steve and Tim Hutt. Unicorn Records 191 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park London N4 3NG England.
Also available on Unicorn: First album PHZA-2, Second album PHZA-10, Rare and Unreleased PHZA-20. The Phoenix List Ind Mod Newspaper #257 (29 Oct 1988) enclosure

added 7/17/18 via Rocklin CA, USA


8 DEC 1988
PHZA-26 The Donkey Show – Bali Island E.P.
Six tracks of mirth and mayhem from America's West Coast ska stars.
Bali Island (3:53)
Insomnia (3:19)
Jump To Dance (2:41)
All songs written by Zambrano & Campbell
except 2. Bird & Clift and 3. Campbell & Bates
Mr. Brown (3:38)
Mira Qué Sabé (2:34)
Feeling Nice (4:10)
All songs written by Zambrano & Campbell
except 2. Zambrano / Hillyard

Kym Clift – Lead Vocals
Ray Campbell – Vocals
Dave Hillyard – Tenor Saxophone
Stan "Bronco" Farwell – Trombone
Kent Graves – Drums
Robert Dominguez – Percussion
Matt Parker – Keyboards
Tom Zambrano – Bass Guitar
Chris Bates – Guitar

Recorded during 1988 in sunny, sub-tropical California. Information Service: The Donkey Show, 10403 Fort Rose Court, Whittier CA 090603 United States
Sleeve Front – Mushroom Cloud Design Studio (Art Director: Scott Sorell; Illustrator: Bill Eaken)
Sleeve back – Mark Johnson

©1989 Unicorn Records. Distributed by The Cartel (U.K.) & New Rose (France). Made in England. Send long SAE for catalogue.

The band is actually from San Diego. We all started there except for the bass player Tom, who was from Whittier. but within a year about half of us were in L.A. because of college. The trombone player went to Whittier College for school. so we spent a bunch of time in Whittier, but the band was originally all San Diego people. – DS Hillyard, 3/10/09

Arrived 2/27/09

9 February 89

Later part of The Ska Parade's
A to Y anthology U.S. compact disc Oct 1998
PHZA-27 The Busters – Ruder Than Rude [17 JAN 89]

"A baker's dozen classic and modern Ska tracks with a kick! Pre-Moon Ska, this record was released in January 1989 and is to be the first record released one year after they formed. Comes with lyrics insert and also released on Bondage Records in France BL-016 with a different cover art, & Bobby McFerrin version as the intro track (on CD only). All time classic from the European revival of the late 80's!! Fun bouncey post 2-Tone ska that did not involve crunchy guitars! This is way before "punk ska" had taken off in the States thus these bands were still very true to the ska sound even though they were fast and manic! This is simply one of the best ska records to have come out of that European revival - songs like Rude Girl, Ruder Than Rude, Mickey Mouse In Moscow and Scooter Maniacs are all time greats! 13 tracks are winners!" – WNUR D.J. Chuck Wren

Warship 2:34
Small Town 2:50
Rude Girl 3:55
Scooter Maniacs 2:48
Tribute To The Skatalites (Big Trombone) 5:17
Tom Ray 2:02

All songs written by M. Grittnir except 1. Traditional & 5. Skatalites
Produced by Weser Label, 2-4 & 6. Published by Sturmflut Musikverlag
Made in England. P 1989 Unicorn © 1989 Unicorn Records

Ruder Than Rude 3:23
Mickey Mouse In Moscow 3:21
Drinking In The Pub 2:27
Memories 4:39
In A Sentimental Mood 0:59
Their Game 3:22
Jamaica Stomp 2:02

All songs written by M. Grittnir and Published by Sturmflut Musikverlag
Produced by Weser Label
Made in England. P 1989 Unicorn Records © 1989 Unicorn

The band would like to thank and greet...
ruder than rude
PHZCD-27 The Busters – Ruder Than Rude, CD (1989)
I'm mean I'm bad I lie to you I never tell the truth

Includes 'Mickey Mouse in Moscow', 'Scooter Maniacs', 'Tribute to Skatalites', 'Jamaican Stomp'. The Berlin wall just fell, and so they sing about Perestroika.

1. Don't Worry, Be Happy (2:57)
2. Warship (2:37)
3. Small Town (2:55)
4. Rude Girl (3:58)
5. Scooter Maniacs (2:48)
6. Tribute To Skatalites (5:22)
7. Tom Ray (2:07)
8. Ruder Than Rude (3:25)
9. Mickey Mouse In Moscow (4:23)
10. Drinking In The Pubs (2:26)
11. Memories (4:44)
12. In A Sentimental Mood (0:56)
13. Their Game (3:25)
14. Jamaican Stomp (2:09)
15. No Respect (3:38)
16. Keen On Games (3:39)

Compact Disc: Weserlabel (D) interepretation + bonus tracks 'No Respect' and 'Keen on Games' recorded at Ohrenschmaus-Studios previously on compilations. CD also includes hit single 'Don't Worry be Happy' their period Bobby McFerrin coverruder than rude

cheap used Unicorn issue found locally via Clark's Green, PA 7/13/2017

ruder than rude
ruder than rude
ruder than rude
PHZA-28 Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds – Born Again
Unicorn Records matrix PHZA-28, Brand New Records matrix BN LP 001
Genre: Blues, Rock / Rhythm & Blues

A1 Into The Night
A2 Starting All Over Again
A3 Lonely Eyes
A4 One Night Stand
A5 Ain't Got No Money
A6 I'm Yours

B1 I've Been Born Again
B2 Living Ain't Easy Without You
B3 Never Too Old
B4 End Of The Line
B5 I Stayed Away Too Long

Originally released on Brand New Records and later stickered as a Unicorn release (but only on the sleeve)
initial BNR release Jun 1986
PHZA-29 Napoleon Solo – How to Steal the World
The five song debut by Danish soul/ skasters, recorded in October 1988 at Silent Music, London

A1 Wanna See My Baby
A2 I Don't Believe You
A3 Drive Me Wild

B1 Daddy
B2 Sweet Susie
All songs written by Jesper [except 3, Jesper/Marvin/Palitzsch].
Mixed by Buster Bloodvessel.
Jens Wennecke – drums
Poul Siersbæk – bass
Sonny Rasmussen – lead guitar
Jesper Jørgensen - Rhythm guitar /vocals
Søren Christensen - Lead vocals
Jacob Palitzsch – Hammond Organ
Michael Thieltoft – Trumpet
Jack Rothe - Tenor and alto sax

Napoleon Solo is a Danish SKA/soul band which was formed in the summer of 1984 by eight youngsters living in Copenhagen. The name was chosen from a Ska album by LYNN TAIT AND THE JETS, and they didn't realize until later that it was also the name of the hero of the 60's American TV show The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Napoleon Solo's unique blend of 60's influenced soul, ska and R&B proved from the beginning to be a huge success with live audiences mostly because the emphasis has been on dance, dance, dance ! Napoleon Solo has built up a large and loyal following in Denmark and they have been voted "Band of the Month" at Copenhagen's leading rock venue. [later "Band of the Year"] This latter event leading to a contract with a major Danish concert agency as well as one of their live concerts being broadcast on Danish national radio. In addition to many continental concerts, Napoleon Solo are featuring on the December 1988 Blue Beat Explosion Tour headed up by Bad Manners.
Information Service: NAPOLEON SOLO, Tølløsevj 1, 2700 BRH Copenhagen DENMARK Tel. 01-28 27 01

Napoleon Solo’s sole U.K. representatives are Cardboard Box Promotions, 33 Anson Street, Rugeley STAFFS WS15 2BA

33 1/3 RPM ...the first songs on my first ipod, 2005
ruder than rude
Out 15 Dec 1988
Denmark E.P.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
ruder than ruderuder than rude
PHZA-30 The Braces – Prime Cut
Ten pop-ska classics as sharp as a razor, "Prime Cut" PHZA-30. Original UK pressing from 1989 comes with insert!

In Ska Mood
Julie, Julie
The Girls of Today
No Reason
Something Special
Her smile means nothing
Riding West
The Letter
It's O.K.

Track 2,3,4 and 8 recorded Oct/ Nov 1987 at A-track studios Bochum.
Produced by The Braces. Engineered by Pete Steinbrink
Track 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 recorded Oct/Nov 1988 at the Grundfunk Studios Dusseldorf.
Produced by Ulli Swillens and the Braces. Engineered by Michael Grund
‘Julie, Julie’ and ‘The Letter’ licensed from ‘Link Records and Music Ltd. (SKANK: LICENSED TO SKA)’

Sleeve design: Thomas Orths
Photography: Stefan Wieland

Jockel Uerschels – guitar, lead vocal
Gregor Pottmeier – keyboards
Zeb Pottmeier – baritone & alto saxophones
Lars Dannenberg – bass, vocals
Daniel Mauss – drums, vocals
Martin Storkmann – tenor sax, lead vocal
Bernhard Storkmann – trumpet
Wolfgang Storkmann – trombone on 2, 3, 4, 9
Christoph Wiesner – trumpet on 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Andreas Wernsing – trombone on 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10
Thomas Orths – violin, vocals 1, 6, 7, 8, 10

via Twist & Shout Recs Tucson AZ, 3/8/08

The thing with the Firefighter Helmet was not to be taken too seriously.

On our UK tour in '88 we all bought plastic firefighter helmets at a stop on the motorway. The next year or so we wore these helmets at the beginning of our shows. Until we left them at some place. We even had a press photo with the firefighter helmets.

The discussion over the album's title was heated. The majority didn't think it was a good idea to name the record after one of the songs, because it would have meant too much focus on one particular song.

That's why "Give Love A Chance" "Too True To Be Good" "Boys Don't Cry"
"In The Dark" etcetera were out of the question.

"Blue Flame" was a title that I liked. Just liked the sound of it, and the fact that there was Randy Crawford album with the same title. Yes, a strange sense of humor. The other guys liked "Blue Flame" ok, but wanted to add something more.
Our flirt with fire fighter helmets came in -- Joachim Uerschels, 3/1/11

BRACES Prime Cut reissued by madbutcher.de (sub-label Black Butcher Classics BBC004) 2013, in black wax

Time for a flashback: From the mid-eighties up to 1991, The Braces were one of the most sought-after ska bands around Europe, being part of the first generation in Germany (together with Skaos, The Blue Beat and The Busters). The hype around them grew, when the compilation “Skank – Licensed To Ska” (Link Records/England) became a worldwide success in 1988. The Braces song “Julie, Julie” happened to be one of the highlights of the record. At the “1st International Ska Festival” in London the youngsters shared stages with the likes of Prince Buster and Bim Skala Bim in Dezember 1988. Another classic recording was released the following year, the wide spread “Ska Ska Skandal-Compilation” (Vielklang/Pork Pie), where “Playing Darts” scored lots of points with the thirsty ska crowd. Yet, after four years of extensive touring around Europe and two successful albums The Braces simply stopped playing in 1991. The decision making was helped by their manager who went away with the Braces money and all their contracts.

Released 9 Mar 1989

The Deltones – Nana Choc Choc In Paris (1989)
Excellent ten track debut LP by London's (almost) all-girl band; of 10 members drummer Jeremy was lone male. Includes faves "Oddball Boy", "Saturday", "Scream Jean" & Big Trouble"

Recorded in Paris August 1988 and licensed from Boucherie Productions (red paper labels)
Title translates as Tasty Birds in Paris

Later issued 1990 ROIR in U.S.A. +3 bonus tracks [b-sides of PHZ-34 & PHZ-41], now renamed "Oddball Boy" for cassette & L.P. (A-186 jcard pictured right) USA cassette liner notes by Elena Oumano
1. SCREAM JEAN (Hammond/Parsons/Fenn) 4:07
2. DON'T FALL IN LOVE (Penny Leyton) 3:37
3. SHOW OFF (Johns) 3:20
4. SATURDAY (The Marvels) 2:45
5. IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME...HELEN (Parsons) 3:10
Publishing 4: Copyright Control
Recordings licensed from Boucherie Productions Paris
P & C 1989 Unicorn Records Made in England
1. BIG TROUBLE (Johns) 4:11
2. MAKE ME SMILE (Leyton/McGuinness) 3:27
3. EVERYTIME (Risner) 3:53
4. ODDBALL BOY (Liggett) 3:45
5. STAY WHERE YOU ARE (Smith/Goldsmith) 3:27
Publishing 5: Burlington Music Ltd.
Recordings licensed from Boucherie Productions Paris
P & C 1989 Unicorn Records Made in England

Dill - Vocals
Amanda - Vocals
Verona - Vocals
Jeremy - Drums
Angela - Bass
Julie - Keyboards
Serena - Guitar
Penny Leyton - Trumpet
Nicky - Alto Saxophone
Anna - Tenor saxophone
Paula - Additional Bass

Dedicated to Lillie, Sam, Lauren, Darian & Jemima & Lambert
Recorded in Paris, August 1988. Produced by Dider Le Marchand
Assistant Producer: Petros Drossor. Design: Ug

Deltones Fanclub and Management:
RPM PROMOTIONS, 141 Railton Road, Herne Hill, LONDON SE24 0LT UK

Thanks to: Philippe Renaud, Gilly Johns, Anna Bianchi, Karen James, Sara McGuiness, Frances Gant, Michelle Chowrimoto, Jacqui Callis, Jackie Freman, Debsey Wykes. Nicky Lunn-Rockliffe, Paul Hickson (Potato 5), Roger Greatorex, everyone at Crockwells, Justin Semmens, Gena Dry, Stella Mantzos, and everyone who looked after us in France.
©1989 Unicorn Records. Distributed by THE CARTEL (U.K.) and NEW ROSE (France) Made in England.
Unicorn Records 191 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 3NG

LP arrived here 11/5/08 via Adobe Systems, CA
+ another moldy one via Gillingham, West Midlands UK, 3/17/12

LP has logo upper cover

ruder than rude

PHZCD-31 The Deltones – Nana Choc Choc In Paris (Compact Disc)
Penny Leyton left 2Tone's Bodysnatchers to form The Belle Stars but was later replaced by Clare Hirst (saxophone and keyboards). She played keyboards and trumpet. Though recorded in Summer 1988, this is still considered by some to be a classic 2Tone album. Licensed from Boucherie Productions Paris

1. Scream Jean
2. Don't Fall in Love
3. Show Off
4. Saturday (The Marvels)
5. It's Been a Long Time...Helen
6. Big Trouble
7. Make Me Smile
8. Everytime
9. Oddball Boy
10. Stay Where You Are
11. Lemon Squeezy (b-side of PHZ-34, CD only)

Dedicated to Lillie, Sam, Lauren, Darian & Jemima & Lambert
Recorded in Paris, August 1988. Produced by Dider Le Marchand
Assistant Producer: Petros Drossor. Design: Ug

Deltones Fanclub and Management:
RPM PROMOTIONS, 141 Railton Road, Herne Hill, LONDON SE24 0LT UK

Thanks to: Philippe Renaud, Gilly Johns, Anna Bianchi, Karen James, Sara McGuiness, Frances Gant, Michelle Chowrimoto, Jacqui Callis, Jackie Freman, Debsey Wykes. Nicky Lunn-Rockliffe, Paul Hickson (Potato 5), Roger Greatorex, everyone at Crockwells, Justin Semmens, Gena Dry, Stella Mantzos, and everyone who looked after us in France.
©1989 Unicorn Records. Distributed by THE CARTEL (U.K.) and NEW ROSE (France) Made in England.
Unicorn Records 191 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 3NG


** 7in Island 1965 WI 169 UK, 7in Treasure Isle
A1 Cow In A Pasture - Stranger Cole With Owen & Leon
B1 Stay Where You Are - Gloria & The Dreamlets
Notes: Duke Reid, Jamaica

CD arrived here 13 January 2020 via Toury, 75018 Paris France

Reissued in Japan 2007 +
11. Lemon Squeezy
12. Show Off (Live - presumably Ska Explosion 89.03.26 Ldn Astoria)
13. Lemon Squeezy (Live - presumably Ska Explosion 89.03.26 Ldn Astoria)

"The debut of the Girls Ska Band, which led to the release of the album for the first time in the world. Finally the world's first official CD! The only album of the genuine original Girls Ska Band (even though there is one male member ...). THE DELTONES is a 10 band ska band (9 women, 1 man) in London, UK. It is a phantom band that disbanded naturally after releasing only one of this work in 1988 and one 7-inch single. The music taste is super real compared to the current Japanese girls ska band. You can enjoy it as a sweet girls pop / candy pop!" – Tower Records (2009/04/08)

Didier Le Marchand French producer, sound/mastering engineer.

Boucherie Productions was a French independent label started in 1985, founded by François Hadji-Lazaro. Defunct since 2001.

CD has no logo upper cover

Unicorn PHZCD-31, 1989

compact disc digital audio Recorded 8/88
matrix BIGGEE-1.
PHZA-32 Casino Royale – Ten Golden Guns
"Brilliant ten track debut. Tight bond of Ska and soul licensed to thrill"

A1. Mr. Spock never met Mr. Space (3:43) Sept ‘88
A2. Never Let You Go [Blues Busters] (3:25) July ‘87
A3. Unemployed Investigator (4:03) April ‘88
A4. Soon You’ll Be Gone [Blues Busters] 2:46 April ‘88
A5. Someone Says (5:05) April ‘88

B1. Bonnie & Clyde - Video Version (5:18) Sept ’88
B2. Under The Boardwalk [Drifters] (2:56) April ‘88
B3. Bad Times (2:59) April ‘88
B4. Stand Up Terry! (2:45) Feb ‘88
B5. Casino Royale (3:30) April ‘88

**Recordings licensed from Vox Pop Records, Milan**
33 1/3 RPM. All tracks recorded between 7/87 - 9/88

• Release Italy "Soul Of Ska" as VoxPop DN 02/88, red underline WHITE WAX

• Some UK (Unicorn) variant pressings have the blue underline as yellow

• Released Italy ©1991 on VoxPop Records 05 in lime green and red / black James Bond sleeve as "El Casino Royale - Rien Ne Va Plus"

Guiliano Palma – V/G [goes on to G. Palma & BlueBeaters - boogaloo since '94]
Aliosha Bisceglia – Vocals
Michelino Pauli – Guitar
Antonio Marrone – Bass guitar
Michele Danca – Hammond organ
Ferdinando Masi – Drums
Silvio Rovati – Saxophone
Nicola Frisia – Saxophone
Andrea Incerti – Trumpet
Daniele Israel – Trombone

Casino Royale Fun Club, c/o Marras, via Teodosio 82 20131 Milan, Italy

Many Thanks to: Pippo, Checco, Dedi, Loppi, Gianni and Paolo at Jingle Machine, Rino at Gamma Studio, Roberto, Marco, Gino, Omar, Orsola, Cicca, Chiara, Claudio BG, Pube, Charlie, Laura, Debora, Laura Mars, and Giacomo Spazio.

Sleeve by Loppi & Casino Royale. Photo by R. Taroni
©1989 Unicorn Records Made in England.
--------------------------Prodotto da Casino Royale
Registrato al Gamma Studio, Milano Aprile 1988
Mixato al Jingle Machine
Tecnico del suono: Paolo Lovat
Copertina: loppi e Casino Royale
Foto: Roberto Taroni (Eclat studio)

Songs appear on reissue by the band 2001 as a 2x CD compilation "Soul of Ska + Jungle Jubilee" digipak available only in Italy. Still together, they play electronica in the years since Unicorn ska. And then again 2007 on their own Royality imprint at left >> Where original track sequence is preserved?

LP arrived 2/27/09

9 May 1989

Later avail on Vox Pop CD05 Vox Pop LP05, Italy 1991

Royality Recs CD, Italy 2007

PHZA-33 Various Artists – Skankin' Round The World, Volume 2, LP
Zoot! was first written by die-hard Ska fans harkening back to the days of 2-Tone and the late Sixties and the early Seventies. But now The Ska has leapt from the pages of fanzines like Zoot! and from small pubs and clubs into a new era. Once again The Ska is taking One Step Beyond, and Ska fever has infected the world. Skankin' Round The World Vol. 1 (PHZA-21/PHZC-21/PHZCD-21) displayed a wealth of Ska talent from around the Globe, and Volume 2 is just as diverse. Kicking off with the killer track "You Make Me Wanna Laugh", San Diego's The Skeletones show the proper Ska spirit; get drunk and piss yourself laughing. The Deltones and Skaos are here again – The Deltones as delectable as always, and Skaos with a brand new stomper. There's some older stuff here from The New Breed and Sweden's Baby Snakes, and plenty of previously unheard tracks too. Italy's Casino Royale have remixed their title track, and even Miss Moneypenny's a Rude girl now. Cardiff's Rude Boys, also known as the Moreno Mafia, pull out the stops with "Ska Fever (A Live Infection)", a track that's as catchy as a dose at a drunken orgy. The Busters warn us about the ways and wiles of women in their track "They Rule The World", a caution to us all. You still want more? Well there's Denmark's besuited Napoleon Solo mixing soul and Ska, and France's Les Frelons with a hot and steamy number called "Expresso". The Braces plum for romance with their cut "Gypsy in my Soul", a footloose and fancy free instrumental, and Australia's Just Kidding give this compilation three continents of Ska – another nail in the coffins of all those who push bland factory Pop on us and a reason for Rude persons all over the world to celebrate and do The Ska! – Tim "Bilko" Wells, Zoot! Skazine.
<<The type used for these notes is Zapf Elliptical BT>>

The Skeletones – You make me wanna laugh /recorded July '88
Napoleon Solo – I don’t believe you /recorded Oct '88
Skaos – Straight to your heart /recorded Feb 11-12 '89
The Braces – Gypsy in my soul /recorded Jan 30-31 '89
The New Breed – Wanted /prod by The Jam's Rick Buckler, Nov 10 '87
The Deltones – Scream Jean /recorded August '88

Baby Snakes – Whiskey Bar /recorded May '87
Just Kidding – Watch the fires /recorded Aug '88
Les Frelons – Expresso /recorded Jan 14 '89
The Busters – They rule the world /recorded Jan '89
The Rude Boys – Ska Fever /recorded Dec '88
Casino Royale – Casino Royale /recorded April '88

This compilation ©1989 Unicorn Records, Made in England.

23 March 1989

PHZCD-33 Various Artists – Skankin' Round The World, Volume 2, CD

The Skeletones – You make me wanna laugh (The Skeletones) 3:02
Napoleon Solo – I don’t believe you (Jesper) 2:53
Skaos – Straight to your heart 3:15
The Braces – Gypsy in my soul (G. Pottmeier) 3:23
The New Breed – Wanted (Casey /Agen / Skinner) 3:25
The Deltones – Scream Jean (Hammond / Parsons/ Fenn) 4:07
Baby Snakes – Whiskey bar (Baby Snakes) 4:18
Just Kidding – Watch the Fires (Mills) 3:32
Les Frelons – Expresso (Les Frelons) 2:19
The Busters – They rule the world (M. Grittner) 3:12
The Rude Boys – Ska fever, a live infection (Moreno) 3:24
Casino Royale – Casino Royale (Casino Royale) 3:30

Publishing: #3 United Balls Musikverlag GMBH, #10 Strumflut Muskiverlag
Licensed from: #6 Boucherie Productions France, #10 Weserlabel Germany, 12 Vox Pop Records Italy

Our thanks again to Frederic Dornier, George Marshall & Rhona Leichmann, and also Tim Wells, Grogger (Steve Goodman), Gaz who is absent but not forgotten, and Simon & Steve in Oz who came through when it counted.

The Busters appear courtesy of WESERLABEL, Casino Royale appear courtesy of VOX-POP RECORDS, The Deltones Appear courtesy of BOUCHERIE PRODUCTIONS. Les Frelons appear courtesy of SQUALE RECORDS, and The Rude Boys appear courtesy of SKA RECORDS, Wales.

Later DOJO CD 176 in UK
PHZ-34 Deltones - Stay Where You Are 45 .... [see 7"s below]
PHZA-35 The Dilemmas – And On The Conveyor Belt Tonight
Mini album from Eighties mod band, out on record spring '89

Side 1
Man or machine
Losin' ground
Don't walk away mad

Side 2
Fresh out of nothing
Everything caved in today
I am the law

11 Apr 89*
PHZA-36 Mr. Review – Walkin' Down Brentford Road
Dutch skanksters' 12-track debut album with full colour sleeve and lyric insert.
Recorded at the Studio Sound Enterprise (SSE) in Amsterdam, NL.
Recording/mixing done by Andre Westland and Frans Hagenaars.

• First released 26 April 1989! Later on Unicorn CD as PHZCD-81
• Grover Records Germany's 001 release 1993 (10th anniversary of the band)
• Grover re-pressed 2002 (for that label's 10th anniversary)
• Brentford Road in Kingston, JA renamed Studio One Boulevard spring 2004

1. The Feeling's Alright
2. Another Town
3. Chess
4. Buf Buf
5. Scars On Our Soul
6. Chasing
7. Ice & Snow
8. Complications of Life
9. Tarzan of The Eighties
10. Skampilation
11. Paradise By The Batmobile's Dashboard Light
12. Shifting Sand

13. Christine Keeler (live) = Grover CD only bonus cut

Dr. Rude - vocals
Arne Visser - guitar/ vocals
Henny Brouwer - keyboards
Roel Ording - drums
Nico Maruanaya - bass
Hans Hoffmann - saxophone
Remico Korporaal - saxophone
Julian Kok - trumpet
Henk Epskamp - Bass on "Another Town" & "Chasing"
Nanny Anderson & Inge Severijnsse - backing vox on "Scars on Our Soul"

via Clacton-On-Sea Essex, 2/2010

PHZ-37 Busters - Rude Girl 45 .... [see 7"s below]
12-PHZ-37 The Busters – Rude Girl, 12"
So what is your game?

RUDE GIRL (3:55)
Recorded at Gronemeyer Studio, Rauenberg, September 1988 and produced by Weserlabel.

1. IS IT TRUE (4:07)
Recorded at Gronemeyer Studio, Rauenberg, January 1989 and produced by Weserlabel. All songs written by M. Grittnir

From the UNICORN album Ruder Than Rude (PHZA-27).
B-sides here were added to/taken from their second L.P. Couch Potatoes, + the Bobby McFerrin 12"

Three color sleeve art by Steve Friel, model: Sarah
*Unicorn sold a T-shirt of this
artwork as well*

Big group photo of all 13 Busters appears on reverse;
Up your jacksie you slag!

Published by Sturmflut Musikverlag. 45 RPM © 5/18/1989 Unicorn Records

added 10/17/10
PHZA-38 Just Kidding – Watch The Fires
Eight great Australian ska n' rocksteady tracks on low-priced debut L.P

Side 1:
All I wanna be (3:35)
Makin’ Time (3:37)
Why Must We Fight (3:41)
We Got Soul (3:39)

Side 2:
Watch the Fires (3:34)
Bite the bullet (3:17)
Shop window dummy (3:43)
I don’t understand it (3:25)

Chris Mills – Vocals, Guitar
Paul Dudig – Backing Vocals
Bart Bee – Backing Vocals
Steve Phillips – Drums & Percussion
Dave Artmonas – Saxophone (tracks 1,2,3)
Dave Palmer – Trombone (tracks 1,4,5 & 7)
Warren Heading – Trumpet (tracks 1,4,5 & 7)
Edward Sharp – Trumpet (track 5)
John Glenn – Trombone (tracks 6 & 8)
Mark Stopps – Trumpet (tracks 6 & 8)

Sleeve artwork & design: Steve Phillips
Photograph: James Braund
All songs written by Chris Mills & arranged by Just Kidding.
Recorded September 1988 + March 1989 at Bartels Street Studio, Adelaide Australia
©1989 Unicorn Records. Made In England

Released in the UK on 6/8/89, Anti-aparthied Aussie ska from 1986-93.
Some sleeves feature slight differences in cover illustration

Membership in this band went on to form Idle Hands Collective in the 1990s, with recurring melody of "Why Must We Fight" into "Coffee and Cream", as featured on Moon Records’ Fall 1996 ‘Skank Down Under’ collection.

*Purchased at Record Peddler's liquidation sale Queen W. Toronto ON 4/21/01
8 JUN 89
PHZ-39 The Boogie Brothers – "She's the Boss", b-side "Boogaloo"
elusive 7" single
12-PHZ-40 The Legendary Laurel Aitken & his band The Pressure Tenants
– Skinhead/ Everybody Ska, 12"
Six and one half minute recording of one of Laurel's most popular live songs + modern tech track, 2 mixes.

Everybody Ska (Mixbuster Mix) (5:30)
Everybody Ska (Dubble Mix) (2:43)
Recorded at F-2 Studios, Mt Pleasant March-April 1989; remixed 13 May 1989 by Laurel Aitken & Mixbusters. Published by Sunbeam Music
Skinhead (6:23)
Recorded at Slamm Jam, Leicester on 12 & 26 April 1989. Published by Sunbeam Music

Songs composed and arranged by Laurel Aitken. "Everybody Ska" megamixed by Laurel Aitken & Mixbusters

The Pressure Tenants are
David Anderson – drums
Clem Dublin – guitar
John Southgate – bass
Stan Samuels – keyboards, guitar
Tony Robinson – trumpet
Glen Adcock – tenor saxophone
Sleeve design & artwork: Steve Friel
Photo: The General
45 RPM ©1989 Unicorn Records

out 27 June 1989

There is also a 7" of this, PHZ-40, misspelled 'Laurel Aitkin'
later on GRO-CD/LP-064, 2002
12-PHZ-41 The Deltones – Make Me Smile 12"
Side A
MAKE ME SMILE 3:27 (Leyton/ McGuiness)
From the UNICORN album
Recorded in Paris
P & C 1989 Unicorn Records, Made In England
runout: LYN23289

Side B
1. PATRICIA HAMILTON 3:30 (Parsons/ Leyton)
2. RUNNING AROUND 2:20 (Owen Grey)
Recorded at Studio 227 Islington London UK 10-11 & 15 April 1989
P & C 1989 Unicorn Records, Made In England
runout: LYN23290

• Released 6th June 1989
• Title track appears on PHZ-31
• The
non-album coverversion 'Running Around' soon to appear on PHZA-52
(V/A : Skankin' Round The World #3)

The Deltones:
Dill, Fen, Jeremy, Anna, Serena, Penny, Julie, Angela, Nicky & Verona

Cover art: Penny Leyton, Distributed by The Cartel UK, New Rose (France), Rude (Germany). Made in England P & C 1989 Unicorn Records

via Gillingham, West Midlands 3/17/12
PHZ-41 [see 7"s below]
12-PHZ-42 The Risk - State of the Union 12"

3 song E.P. (July 1989)*
PHZA-43 Little Chief – Loosen Up
Four tracks including excellent cover of Baba Brooks' "Teenage Ska" (you remember, that old sixties Jamaican composition which found itself in a Prudential Auto Insurance commercial in 1997)

Side A
1. Loosen Up (4:28)
2. Teenage Ska (2:46)
written by L. Dowling, 2. Baba Brooks
Recorded May 1988 at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire, produced by Jock & Mike. 
Mixed at Rooster Studios and engineered by Maurice & Matt

Side B - Live at the Astoria London, November 1987
1. Darkhouse (3:25)
2. Lose it (4:17)
Songs written by L. Dowling
Remixed March 1989 at the Billiard Room, engineered by Carl

Little Chief are:
Andrew Whitehead (keyboards & vocals)
Sean Clough (drums),
Steve Arrano (trumpet),
Simon Pugsley (trombone & trumpet),
Sam Bell (percussion), 
Paul Matthews (bass)
Henry Brook (lead guitar),
Lorry Dowling (rhythm guitar and lead vocal)

Many thanks to Mike Taylor, Tony Hinnigan, Nick Sykes, Andy Grover, David Hall, John Dowling, Marc and Jules, Tony W., Mike Harvey, Kev Charnley, Nick and DannyCathy, jane, Melly, Noddy, Saskia, Vanessa and our audiences who have made it all possible.
Sleeve design: Sam Bell and Colin French. Photo courtesy Beamish Museum Coal Trimmers (1885).
45 RPM ©1989 Unicorn Records Made in England

Info & merchandise: Little Chief, 69-A Victoria Road, Leeds
Yorkshire ENGLAND LS6 1AS Phone: 0532-757-994
Bookings Allied Agency, 76 Tottenham Court Road. London W1P 9PA. Tel. 01-636-1174


ARTISTS: Little Chief
TITLE: Loosen Up
LABEL: Unicorn PHZA-43

Four-track reggae and ska mini-album distributed by The Cartel (UK), New Rose (France) and Rude (Germany)
RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, 8 August 1989

LEEDS-based reggae and ska band Little Chief have scheduled the release of their summertime reggae classic "Loosen Up" as part of a four-song mini-album which also includes a rousing version of Baba Brooks' "Teenage Ska" plus two live tracks recorded at Leeds Astoria.

A hard-working 8-piece which has been together almost four years, Little Chief have a heavy concert schedule but still find time to be involved in projects like Channel 4's "Maggie's Children" documentary which they wrote the music for. Upcoming dates for Little Chief in August include LEEDS Duchess of York (11 AUG), BRISTOL Thekla (17) AMSTERDAM Milkweg (25) and HUDDERSFIELD Leisure Centre (28). More information from Mark on 01-281 2821
Booking: Allied Agency

via Hampstead, MD 3/2011

12" E.P., out 8 August '89

Variant exists as 12" E.P. on BIG BANG RECORD LABEL
matrix# LIP 1, 1989
PHZ-43 Little Chief – Loosen Up 7"

Loosen Up (3.20)
(L. Dowling)
Published by Howlin' Music
(P) 1989 Unicorn Records
© 1989 Unicorn Records
Made in England

Leeds ska band featuring Julian Barrett, who went on to form THE MIGHTY BOOSH in the 1990s + Lorry Dowling who now fronts PEPPERJAM

via Frinton-on-Sea, UK 1/2013

Limited radio promo 7"
blank second side
PHZA-44 Various Artists – Vive Le Ska
Excellent 12 track French Compilation LP including 11 tracks in English + lyrics insert.

Side A
1. Les Internés: Pushska (Les Internés) 3:15
2. Verska Vis: Go Out Anymore (Rouxel/ Verska Vis) 3:57
3. Carre Blanc pour Serie Noire: Jackson The Ripper (Carre Blanc) 3:20
4. Les Toons: Miss America (Loeb/Cailleaux) 2:50
5. Dr. No: A Frenchy In Brooklyn (Dr. No) 3:50
6. Pick It Up: Charlemagne (Pick It Up) 2:08

RUNOUT: PHZA-44A Ensemble Aimons - Le, Dansons-Le!

Side B
1. Les Frelons: C'est du Ska (Monster Version) (Les Frelons) 2:59
2. Machtoc: The Yeti (Machtoc) 4:24
3. Les Giovanni's: Wa Ya Go?? (Bashyr/Les Giovanni's) 2:41
4. Les Éjectés: Aaoaoaa (Les Éjectés) 3:04
5. Les Bubars: King Of The Jungle (Les Bubars) 3:15
6. Les Saxas: Chez Féfer (Kemar/Les Saxas) 4:02

Licensing: 1. Squale Records (Paris) [aka Patrick Shan]
This compilation (P) & (C) Unicorn Records. Made in England

Skactualités pour les dernières nouvelles! DAMONT

Compiled by Patrick Shan Tchikidop
Cover art & design: Steve Friel
Based on a design by “Colonel” Etchegarry
Typefaces: various weights of Souvenir by Bitstream
Sometimes text on labels is in red ink, as MACHTOC's PHZA-74 faces
Les Frelons courtesy of SQUALE RECORDS
©1989 UNICORN RECORDS Made in England

Thanks to Steve Shafer for sleeve scans, summer '09!

Arrived via Lancaster PA, USA 6/27/13

All French bands,
out 20 October 1989
PHZD-45 Various Artists – Double Barrel Ska Explosion: London Int'l Ska Festival II
2X album of SKAFEST II including 17 tracks by: Laurel Aitken, Pressure Tenants, Casino Royale, Mark Foggo's Skasters, Mr. Review, Les Frelons, Arthur Kay's Originals, Floyd Lloyd and Spy Club.
Plus interview with "Godfather of Ska" and a photo/ discography insert.

Laurel Aitken – Sahara
Arthur Kay’s Originals – Limehouse Lady
Les frelons – Les Marginaux
Floyd Lloyd – Ska party
Casino Royale – Jungle Jubilee

Mr Review – Chess
The Pressure Tenants – Ska-tistics
Mark Foggo’s Skasters – Two legs
Spy Club – Balla con me
Floyd Lloyd – Mr Yo Yo
Laurel Aitken – Rudy got married

Casino Royale – Available swing
Arthur Kay’s Originals – King of the jungle
Les Frelons – Un an de sursis
Spy Club – Tontorello di luna
Mr Review – Skampilation
Mark Foggo’s Skasters – Goodbye ska people

is an interview with Laurel Aitken by Unicorn boss Mark Johnson.

It's creepily similar to the interview Hoi Polloi! Skazine did with Laurel a decade later, in February 1999

arrived via UK, 4/25/06

Second landmark festival
sponsored by Unicorn
2xLP released 11/1989
PHZA-46 Various Artists – It's a Skandal! (25 July 1989)
Thirteen Skank-down Teutonic tracks from all German bands like Skaos, No Sports, The Braces, Spy Club, Blechreiz, The Butlers, and El Bosso (who featured Richie Senior, AKA early Ritchie "Dr. Ring Ding" Jung)

1. Spy Club - Intro
2. No Sports - Stranger To London
3.Skaos - Oh, Sally
4. No Sports - King Kong
5. Spy Club - Rainy Days
6. The Braces - Playing Darts
7. Blechreiz - News From UK
8. El Bosso & die Ping Pongs - Immer Nur Ska!

9. The Braces - Chinese Love
10. Skaos - Superheroe
11. Blechreiz - Out Tonight?
12. The Butlers - Paranoia
13. The Butlers - Something Upbeat
14. Spy Club - Torero

arrived 4/28/06 via San Diego CA
see "Ska Ska Skandal 1 & 2" CD series later on Pork Pie Records Germany for select cuts
PHZA-47 Hotknives – The Way Things Are
Brighton UK skinhead ska band

A1. Dave & Mary - 3:22 (Marshall/Clare)
A2. Another Day - 3:49 (Marshall)
A3. One Man & His Dog - 4:15 (Clare)
A4. Mr. Deejay - 2:57 (Marshall/Clifton)
A5. Believe it - 2:54 (Clare/Clifton)
A6. Julie Julie - 2:52 (Marshall)
B1. Bad Boy - 3:21 (Marshall)
B2. Don't Go Away - 3:46 (Marshall/Clare)
B3. The Way Things Are - 3:02 (Clare/Clifton)
B4. Bedsit Land - 4:20 (Marshall)
B5. Man in the Cellar - 3:09 (Marshall)

• Unicorn LP tenement sleeve: dreary b&w high-in-the-sky council housing
• typewritten A4 lyric sheet included
• 1995 reissue CD/LP (by Grover Germany/ Moskito Promotion) front cover was changed to Spuds MacKenzie terrier from back [see GRO-005]
• compact disc issuance Unicorn twofer PHZCD-82 split with Liquidators
• 2015 reissued madbutcher.de (sub-label Black Butcher Classics matrix BBC015) in both blue, black wax variations

33 1/3,
11 tracks produced & arranged by Gary Marshall, Jim Mills & Mark Dawson. Recorded and mixed at Goldust Studios, Bromley, in October 1990
Released through the co-operation of Skank Records
Cover Photo: Andrew Taylor
Sleeve design: Mark Johnson
All songs copyright control. Made in England

Gary Marshall - vocals, guitar
Mick Clare - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Jim Mills - keyboards
Mick Matthews - saxophone, backing vocals
Paul Mumford - saxophone
Nigel Clements - drums, backing vocals
Mick Merritt - bass

Special thanks to Dave Clifton for his contributions to this album, and to the engineers who have helped us in the past: Rob Muir, Charlie Foley, Mark Metcalfe and Koos Cornelissen. Our thanks to Jan & Tracy Mills, Karen Fletcher, Sarah Wilkes, Paulette, Naomi, Ben & Nicole Clements, Raewin-Coreena from Kiwiland, Kay Bainbridge, Jim Mills Sr., Jackie Marshall, Jez, Spike, Paul, Shaun & Jackie, Nats, Mackie / Mark, Lauri, Bugs & Sonia from Link Records / Darren & the lads from Bedford, Scooter Paul & Phil, and all scooter clubs / Lads & Lassies from Skippy the Fridge, Jason Vivien & Ben Mozar, Chuck Wallace, Mark Foggo & His Skasters, Arnold Coulton from Beauvais, Bosher the Dog, and Ed from BeBop Promotions.

booking/info HOT KNIVES 60 Heathway, Horsham, Sussex ENGLAND RH12 4XU

via Gillingham, West Midlands UK, 3/17/12

10 December 90
PHZA-48 Laurel Aitken – Rise and Fall: Personal Selections 1960-85

Publicity Statement / New Release Onesheet
Artist: Laurel Aitken
Label: Unicorn PHZA-48
Release Date: 5 October 1989

Laurel Aitken, the legendary "Godfather of Ska" who first brought that most dancable of rhythms to Britain in 1960 and released the initial single on the historic Blue Beat label, has selected twelve of his most classic tracks (including three previously unheard) for the first of a series of re-issue albums chronicling the rise of ska music. The track listing of this long-awaited album will warm the hearts of all those who appreciate the best in Jamaican R&B / Ska:

A1. You Got me Rockin' – DICE CC-1-B (1962) 2:03
A2. Baby Baby (with Eva Maria) – D.I.P. DL-5055-A (1975) 3:22
A3. Back to New Orleans – BLUE BEAT BB-84-A (1962) 2:45
A4. Skinhead Train – NU BEAT NB-047-A (1969) 2:55
A5. Bug-a-Boo – RIO R-36-B (1964) 2:18
A6. Heile Heile (The Lion) – DOCTOR BIRD DB 1202-A (1969) 2:32
B1. Withdoctor from Amsterdam – (1977, previously unreleased) 4:02
B2. Boogie Rock – BLUE BEAT BB-1-A (1960) 2:24
B3. Rasta Man Power – (1979, previously unreleased) 2:57
B4. Who’s Taking You Home – NU BEAT NB-054 (1971) 2:55
B5. Let Me Love You Little Darling – (1985, previously unreleased) 4:10
B6. Rise and Fall – DOCTOR BIRD DB-1197-A (1969) 2:23

A particularly significant factor in the compilation of this album is the fact that, unlike all of the classic Jamaican ska singers (except Prince Buster), Laurel kept the rights to almost his entire catalogue of recordings - Thus the first Blue Beat single is included here as well as tracks from such diverse labels as Doctor Bird, Dice, NuBeat, RIO, and D.I.P. For further information ring Mark on 01-281-2821

All songs written and produced by Laurel Aitken. Photo by Jean Bernard Sohiez. Sleeve Design by Mark Johnson

©1990 Unicorn Records
Laurel Aitken well deserves to be called Mr. Blue Beat as his long career in the music business includes the first-ever release on that legendary British record label. This debut "blue beat" (which is what Ska was called in Sixties England) single was "Boogie Rock" way back on 1960, and that is just one of the tracks on this fine collection of Laurel Aitken gems that also contains three previously-unreleased songs: "Witchdoctor From Amsterdam" (1977), "Rasta Man Power" (1979), and "Let Me Love You Little Darling" (1985). Lovers of pioneer Ska will enjoy the opening track on this personally-selected compilation, "You got Me Rockin'", which was first released in 1962 on the Dice label, and "Back To New Orleans" on Blue Beat also from 1962. The Ska sound of "Bug-a-boo" in 1964 was in the air about the first time I met Laurel and he was releasing a few singles on Rio Records. But it was in the late Sixties that Laurel Aitken in his two-tone suit and porkpie hat became one of the skinhead cult heroes, and he was a regular feature at the U.K. club scene's top venues as the Ram Jam Club in Brixton and at the regular weekend skinhead haunt Toffs in Folkestone where I helped him record a live album. Two of the classic skin records from this period, both from 1969, are featured on this nostalgic piece of vinyl: "Skinhead Train" and the rudie "Rise and Fall" which paved the way for me a few years later. All in all this album is a must for all collectors of early Jamaican music from one of the world's greatest exponents of art, Laurel Aitken. Now into his fourth decade as a singer, "The Godfather of Ska" is still working as hard as ever. May he live long and keep the name Skinhead alive forever. – Judge Dread, September 1989

Note: With only a few exceptions, notably the unreleased recordings, the original master tapes of most of the singles on this album have long since vanished. Selecting the best vinyl copies available, including a few from Laurel's personal collection, has still left the album some "pops" and "clicks" – probably because singles by Laurel Aitken have been played to near-death by all who own them. BLUEBEAT! 14 October 1967 newspaper cutting supplied by Tiziano Ansaldi.

Palm trees sky blue photo cyan on L.P. moved to dark green on PHZCD-71

via Edinburgh, Midlothian (Scotland) United Kingdom 5/2013

<<< HP7 HERE >>>

5 October 1989

PHZA-48 combined w/ PHZA-53 on digital as PHZCD-71

Later part of Grover CD/LP-055 Germany, 1998
PHZA-49 No Sports – King Ska (1989)
A1. 2 Times a Minute (Intro) 1.03
A2. Communication 3.10
A3. How Do You Do 2.22
A4. Workin’ Man 3.05
A5. Rudy 4.49
A6. Famous 3.26
A7. Heidi 3.09
Songs written by Dollar except 4. & 7. Voran/Dollar, 5. Machner/Dollar
Recorded and mixed by Klaus Scharff at Basement Studio, Stuttgart, Jan-Feb 89

B1. King Kong* 5.08
B2. Easy Life 3.44
B3. Fukkin Week 3.09
B4. Arabija 3.56
B5. Lack of Time 3.00
B6. 2 Times a Minute (Outro) 1.04
*Vocal by Oliver Zwist
Songs written by Dollar except 1. Zwist, 3. Mayer/Erico. 4. Dollar/Mayer
Recorded and mixed by Klaus Scharff at Basement Studio, Stuttgart, Jan-Feb 89

Miami Weiss – baritone & alto sax (photo 1)
Andy Fuchs – alto & soprano sax (photo 4)
Oliver Zwist – trumpet/ trombone/ vocals (photo 2)
Flupp Mayer – guitar/backing vocals (photo 3)
Gerald Machner – bass (photo 6)
Don Erico – keyboards (photo 7)
T’schelle – drums & Percussion (photo 8)
D-Mark Dollar – lead vocals/guitar (photo 5)

Produced by No Sports and Mark Dollar
Vocal arrangements by Klaus Scharff
Photos: Dominik Strohner
Cover concept: Dollar
Sleeve design: Mark Johnson

Management and Booking: Gerald Machner (RUDY), im Unteren Kienle 8-B
7000 Stuttgart 1, West Germany 0711-24 21 57

studiotime at all costs, studiotime in spite of terror, studiotime how long and hard the road may be, because without studioime there is no record.

No Sports supports the non-sportive movement.
Distributed by Cartel(UK), Rude (D) and New Rose (F).

Send long stamped envelope or 2 IPRC’s for free mail order catalogue.
©1989 Unicorn Records. Made in England.
33.3 RPM LC1411
Rec’d 2/4/10

UNICORN RECORDS London – Paris – Berlin

Artist: No Sports
TITLE: King Ska (album)
RELEASE DATE: 7th September 1989
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No Sports, Stuttgart’s standard bearer for the non-sportive movement in Germany, release their debut album KING SKA on Unicorn. Included on the LP is the band’s near-classic send-up of all those muscular “God’s gifts to” who litter the summertime beaches throughout Europe (“King Kong”), a very timely song about a girl’s defection from East Germany, a look at telephone addicts, and the saga of Rudy the roadie for a Babylon band. The debut album is released a month before the band makes its English debut on 7th October at the Third London International Ska Festival.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Band biography
NO SPORTS were founded in 1985 and have been playing with the current lineup since 1987 in the western German city of Stuttgart. Their style of Ska is less influenced by the English bands of the Two Tone period than it is by the examples set by GRUPPO SPORTIVO in the Eighties, taking Ska a step forward and relating specifically to the realities of life on the Continent. Combining theatrically and on-stage showmanship with an extremely danceable style and a committed social philosophy, NO SPORTS have been gigging to increasingly-larger audiences as the love of the Ska captures the imaginations of the German concert-going public. Strong emphasis on brass gives NO SPORTS a very strong sound for an eight-piece band.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For further information, phone Mark on 01-281-2821

PHZCD-49 No Sports – King Ska + Stay Rude Stay Rebel (1990)
JUDGE DREAD called the 12 track LP "probably the most powerful debut vinyl from a Ska band in recent years" And he's right! Includes full lyric insert.

This 1990 traycard uses Eric Gill's sans.

Scorching debut re-released Unicorn, then by Pork Pie in a 1993 CD compilation, adding their 4 song Unicorn 'Stay Rude, Stay Rebel' E.P. (PHZA–64) and again in 2006 for the band's 20th anniversary celebrations.

Label: Pork Pie EFA-CD-04093 Format: CD
Country: Germany Released: 1993

1. Two Times A Minute (Intro) (1:03)
2. Communication (3:10)
3. How Do You Do (2:22)
4. Workin' Man (3:05)
5. Rudy (4:49)
6. Famous (3:26)
7. Heidi (3:09)
8. King Kong (5:08)
9. Easy Life (3:44)
10. Fukkin' Week (3:09)
11. Arabija (3:56)
12. Lack Of Time (3:00)
13. Two Times A Minute (Outro) (1:04)
A. Stay Rude, Stay Rebel (4:33)
B. Tour De France (2:53)
C. Love Song (3:43)
D. Girl (Tango) (4:12)

disc 2/5/2010 via UK

PHZA-50 Laurel Aitken – Ringo The Gringo
Laurel's first new LP in many years including the title track, + Hitchhike, I Love You Yes I Do and Nighttrain to Tokyo. Matrix: A1 / B1

I love you, yes I do 3:36
Lookin’ in the mirror 3:06
Night Train to Tokyo 3:53
Don’t turn your back 3:48
Rock with you tonight 3:51

Ringo the Gringo 4:35
Peggy Sue 2:26
Going back to the frontline 3:29
Rude boy dream 3:29
Hitchhike 3:49

The Pressure Tenants:
John Southgate - bass
Tony Looby - tenor & alto saxophone
Adam "Flymo" Birch – trombone & trumpet [Specials '98, Toasters '99]
Stan Samuels – keyboards
Fitzroy Simon – drums
Clem Dublin – guitar
Special Thanks to:
Nick Murphy – additional drums
Glen Adcock – additional tenor sax
Andy Povall – additional keyboards

All songs written and produced by Lauren Aitken.
Recorded December 1989 & January 1990 at Slamm Jam, Leicester
Engineered by Andy Povall
Cover photo: Sandra Aitken
Cover painting: Steve Friel
Sleeve design: Mark Johnson

Fonts in Use CORTEZ LET

Also Available:
Sally Brown mini–LP (PHZA-54)
The Legendary Godfather: Sixties Ska series
PHZA-48, 53, 59, 67

ARTIST: Laurel Aitken
TITLE: Ringo The Gringo

New ten-track studio album by 68-year young Ska-boogie legend
RELEASE DATE : Thursday 15 February 1990
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Unicorn Records celebrates their fiftieth release on 15th February with the first new solo album by Laurel Aitken in over twenty years! Ringo The Gringo covers ambitious yet familiar ground for Laurel as he smoothly shifts from Classic Ska (“I Love You, Yes I do” and “Hitchhike” through rocksteady (“Rude Boy Dream”) to lovers’ rock (“Don’t Turn Your Back”), Latin (“Rock with you Tonight”) and the modern sounds of the Nineties (“Night Train To Tokyo” and “Going Back To The Frontline”). The titie track, “Ringo The Gringo”, proves to be the long-anticipated answer to Prince Buster’s cover of “Phoenix City”, and features gunshots from Laurel’s 1969 hit “Jesse James” (ironically the little gunshots tape has survived all these years, while the master of “Jesse James” hasn’t).
Hardly giving himself time to rest (Laurel says he’ll get enough “eternal rest”), he has plunged back into the studio once again where he is laying down French tracks for the mini album set to support his 10-date March tour of France and the Netherlands (7-17 March). That is of course following his six-date tour of Italy (23-28 February) and his 15-date German tour in April.

In the U.K. however, Laurel’s legions haven’t been forgotten be able to catch him (on the hop) at Bedford College in Bedford (16 FEB), Bristol POLISH CLUB (3 MAR) and Hackney Empire (16 MAR) – the stage at Hackney being shared that night with Derrick “Moon Hop” Morgan.
For further information, phone Mark on 01-281-2821
LP is later part of
Grover CD/LP-064,
PHZCD-50 Laurel Aitken - Ringo The Gringo (Compact Disc)
Format: CD, Unicorn Records. Made in England 1990.
Adds the 5 bonus tracks sung in French (PHZA-69 Eskapade in France)

1. I Love You Yes I Do 3:36
2. Looking In The Mirror 3:06
3. Night Train To Tokyo 3:53
4. Don't Turn Your Back 3:48
5. Rock With You Tonight 3:51
6. Ringo The Gringo 4:35
7. Peggy Sue 2:26
8. Going Back To The Frontline 3:29
9. Rude Boy Dream 3:29
10. Hitchhike 3:49
BONUS (PHZA-69 Eskapade in France E)
11. Hey Little Girl
12. Sally Brown
13. Since You Went Away 2:40
14. Je T'aimerai Toujours 3:35
15. Eh Mon Amour 4:31

The Pressure Tenants:
John Southgate - bass
Tony Looby - tenor & alto saxophone
Adam "Flymo" Birch – trombone & trumpet
Stan Samuels – keyboards
Fitzroy Simon – drums
Clem Dublin – guitar
Special Thanks to:
Nick Murphy – additional drums
Glen Adcock – additional tenor sax
Andy Povall – additional keyboards
Engineered by Andy Povall
Cover painting: Steve Friel
Cover photo: Sandra Aitken
Sleeve design: Mark Johnson

Fonts in Use CORTEZ LET

On 9th April 2012:
one of these PHZCD50 sold for £42 sterling (that's $66 USD) online --YIKES!

Faded traycard arrived here 11 JAN 2020 via Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
bonus tracks here showed up on Vol. 5 of Grover collection CD/ LP-064, 2003
PHZV-51 Laurel Aitken & The Pressure Tenants
Live At Gaz's Rockin' Blues, Soho London, 17 AUGUST 1989

The 30th Anniversary Concert, a 60 min professional color video includes 9 songs performed live at Gaz's plus interview clips with the man himself - also found as side 4 of PHZA-DLP 45

1. Jesse James
2. Sally Brown
3. Sahara
4. Skinhead Train
5. Bartender
6. Everybody Ska
7. Pussy Price
8. Rudy Got Married
9. Skinhead

I - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv9jfkoYzXM
II - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KDAkzwnT_k
III - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGokHuwgU-Q

[Released 15 Sep 1989]
In both VHS PAL and NTSC videocassette formats!
PHZA-52 Various Artists – Skankin' 'Round The World, Volume 3
(Later DOJO CD 185, once Unicorn Int'l was based in Istanbul, Turkey)

The Busters – Summer Time (from PHZA 47/ Weserlabel 2449)
Les Frelons – Les Politiciens (from mini-LP Mouvement Non-Stop Squale 011)
The Frits – Teardrops
The Deltones – Running Around (from Make Me Smile maxi-single 12-PHZ-41)
Mr Review – Every Day Another Day
No Sports – Fukkin' Week (from King Ska PHZA-49)
Laurel Aitken – Ska Locomotion (from forthcoming Ringo The Gringo PHZA-50)
Casino Royale – Someone Says (from Ten Golden Guns PHZA-32)
M.S.Q. – Modern World
The Elevators – Rocksteady
Shot Black & White – Day in Day Out (from Understand SKA SKAR-007)
Potato 5 – Never Take The Place

Once again our thanks for the assistance and inspiration to Frederic Dornier, George Marshall at Zoot!, Holgi & Axel at Skaboom!, and all the other Skazines who keep the scene alive and stompin'.
Cover art: "Skalien" by Steve Friel
Sleeve Design: Mark Johnson

The Busters appear courtesy of WESERLABEL, Bremen Ger
Casino Royale appear courtesy of VOX-POP RECORDS, Milan Italy
Les Frelons appear courtsey of SQUALE RECORDS, Paris Fr
and Shot Black & White courtesy of CONFLICT RECORDS, NY USA
©1989 Made in England. Distribution by The Cartel (UK), New Rose (France) and Caroline International.

01-281-2821 / FAX: 01-281-6677

Hot off the presses in time for the Third London International Ska Festival (7-8 October 1989) comes a great selection of Ska from new bands and fave groups from Germany, France, England, Holland, Jamaica, Italy and the United States. Making their vinyl debut here is The Elevators, with "Saxa" on the 'phone and Everett Morton on skins (both highly-respected veterans of The Beat!) - plus debuts from two more bands with a promising future: The Frits from Germany and M.S.Q. from England. And, since Ska is (to quote Laurel Aitken) like a river in constant movement, we have two brand-new examples of the world's most dancable rhythm being brought right into the Nineties - the Godfather's "Ska Locomotion" and Potato 5's "Never Take The Place Of Your Man" - with a fusion of the classic off-beat with just the right amount of modern instruments. Then, to remind all Europeans' of 1989's best summer in human memory (thus ruining England's claim as rain capital of the world), The Busters present thier new track "Summer Time" complete with scooters and absent girlfriends - and Skankin' Vol. 3 is also pleased to present yet another new track from Holland's Mr. Review. Finally, rounding out this ska-rific journey across the globe, we have a selection of some of the best Ska tracks released in recent months by The Deltones (England), Casino Royale (Italy), Les Frelons (France). No Sports (Germany), and Shot Black & White (U.S.A.). The skaville train just keeps on rollin' along! All aboard!

via Fresno, CA 11/1/11

11 October 89

(Later DOJO CD 185)
PHZA-53 Laurel Aitken – It's Too Late: Personal Selections 1961-84
2nd classic 12 track "Godfather" volume includes title track. Mr. Popcorn, Jesse James and Bouncing Woman +1 unreleased song "Blue Beat Dance" from 1984.

It’s Too Late – Trojan, TR-7826 A (1971)
Shoo Bee Doo – Nu Beat, NB-043-A (1969)
Bouncing Woman – Blue Beat, BB-52-A (1961)
Daniel Saw The Stone – Blue Beat, BB-194-A (1963)
Blue Beat Dance (1984 previously unreleased)
Mr. Popcorn – Nu Beat, NB-048-A (1970)
Fire In My Wire – Doctor Bird, DB-1187-A (1969)
Gimme Back mi Dollar – Nu Beat, NB-046-B (1969)
Brother David – Blue Beat, BB-084-A (1962)
Sweet Jamaica – Dice CC-13-A (1963)
Whole Lotta Rock – CARIBOU (196?)
Jesse James – Nu Beat, NB-045-A (1969)

Those who were quick to shout the praises of Cliff Richard after his much publicised 30 years in the music business, should do themselves a favour and check out one Laurel Aitken. It's 30 years since Laurel's first hit in Jamaica, and his life and times would make far better telling than Cliff Richard's or any of your other so-called pop stars.

It's one thing to keep on churning out the records when you are guaranteed chart success (if Cliff read from the Yellow Pages it'd make the Top Ten), but quite another ball game when you have to keep on coming up with the goods without getting the recognition you so justly deserve. And Laurel Aitken deserves to be up there with the best of them.

This second volume of Laurel's personally selected songs, kicks off with the title track, "It's Too Late", my personal favourite from the Aitken vaults. It is one of the most simple and beautiful love songs you will ever hear. The other tracks span the period 1961 to 1984, with a good few classics from the golden skinhead reggae year of 1969. "Jesse James", "Mr. Popcorn" and "Fire In My Wire" are skinhead faves to this day. And just for the collector within you, there is previously unreleased "Blue Beat Dance" from 1984, which also serves to underline three decades plus of dance floor mashin' from the Godfather Of Ska.

Laurel recently described himself as a river. During the good times and the bad times it just keeps flowing. And even when you don't hear about him, he's still somewhere making good music. Start spinning the disc and that river will flow straight into your heart. The man wicked! - George Marshall, November 1989.

Note: With the single exception of the unreleased recording, the original master tapes of the singles on this album vanished long ago. Selecting the best vinyl copies available, including a few from Laurel's personal collection, has still regretfully left the album with some unavoidable "pops" and "clicks".

All songs written and produced by Laurel Aitken
Front Photo: Jean Bernard Sohiez
Sleeve Design: Mark Johnson
Drawing: Steve Friel
©1989 Unicorn Records. Made in England

via Echo Park CA, 8/2011

December 12, 1989
12" LP combined with Unicorn PHZA-48 CD to make PHZA-71

Later part of Grover Germany CD/LP-055
PHZA12-54 Laurel Aitken & The Pressure Tenants – Sally Brown 12" (1989)
she hits you with a kukumaka stick! Three new recordings including the title classic, Rude Boy Dream, Hey Little Girl + one unreleased 1979 song Since You Went Away. maxi 12" E.P.

1. Sally Brown (5:10)
2. Rude Boy Dream (3:28)
All songs written by Laurel Aitken and published by Sunbeam Music (P) (C) 1989 Unicorn Records Made in England.
1.Hey Little Girl (4:31)
2. Since You Went Away (2:40)
All songs written by Laurel Aitken and published by Sunbeam Music (P) (C) 1989 Unicorn Records Made in England.

All songs written & produced by Laurel Aitken. 1, 2, & 3 October 1989 at Ramjam Studios, Leicester. "Since You Went Away" was recorded in 1979

Cover art: Steve Friel
Back Photo (motorcycle/ also used on Zoot #14): Phoenix J. Bay
Distributed by The Cartel (UK), Rude (D) & New Rose (F) Made In England.
Unicorn Records, 191 Seven Sisters Rd, London N4 3NG England

arrived 4/2012 via Torfaen, UK

"Rude Boy Dream" soon to appear on Bib Records' V/A The Shack CD, USA 1993
PHZ-54 Laurel Aitken – Sally Brown / Hey Little Girl, Limited edition radio promo 7"
November 16th 1989
PHZCD-55 The Toasters – The Naked City, CD (1989)
Sixteen track CD collects the Pool Shark album [PHZA-5] + Recriminations mini E.P. (Their first four recordings from 1985 produced by Joe Jackson) [PHZA-18]
plus an extra track from Skankin' Round The World compilation. Band history and full discography included too

1. Recriminations (3:15)
2. Razor Cut (3:20)
3. Run Rudy Run (4:11)
4. Radiation Skank (2:06)
5. Pool Shark (3:42)
6. Talk Is Cheap (3:44)
7. Renee (3:59)
8. Shocker! (4:27)
9. Toast On The Coast (2:02)
10. Matt Davis (2:35)
11. Weekend in L.A. (4:17)
12. Now Or Never (3:11)
13. Ideal Man (3:12)
14. Naked City (3:05)
15. So Long Buck (1:10)
16. Thrill Me Up (3:03)

1-4 produced by Joe Jackson, 5-16 produced by The Toasters

All songs published by Breakfast Music and licensed from Moon Records, N.Y.

Songs 1-4 originally appeared as the Recriminations mini LP, #5-15 as the Pool Shark album and #16 on the Skankin' Round The World 1 compilation.

At 7:30am on May 4th 1983, a tired New York band walked out after their first gig at the Lower East Side’s notorious A7 Club with $30 – and a black eye. Five years and a small stack of vinyl later the same group is widely touted as the spearhead of a major East Coast revival movement and boasts a huge cult following.
That band is the Toasters and the music is ska! As a five-piece in early ’84, they launched their own label, Moon Records, which developed into the stable promoting the emergent NYC area ska groups, and later that year issued their first single. Since then they have signed on with Britain’s Unicorn and Ska Records labels and with America’s Celluloid. Their U.S. Skaboom album climbed to No. 54 in the CMJ college radio charts and backed up a runaway stateswide tour from Burlington, Vermont, to San Diego, California.
Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, the band’s Pool Shark album was attracting considerable attention in Britain and Europe, with Underground in England calling The Toasters "more than capable of carrying on where The Specials left off", Scotland’s Zoot seeing the band as "the best thing to come out of America since sliced bread", and Scene Plongeon saying various unmentionable things in French.
Currently as a powerhouse eight-piece The Toasters are throwing down material for their second album, welding influences from a wide spectrum of styles to the adrenalin-soaked dance party that IS The Toasters.
The Recriminations mini-album reflects The Toasters first real demos, instigated by their mentor Joe Jackson, who produced and mixed this session over the course of one weekend at Chelsea Sound’s studio on New York City’s Times Square. It encapsulates The Toaster’s [sic] development as a guitar-based band before the inception of their monster horn section and the introduction of the Unity Two’s flying feet fleshed out their sound. Released by Moon in the summer of 1985, Recriminations immediately provided a springboard for the Toasters to break out to the wider audience that is now skanking from coast to coast.

Toasters Information Service
c/o Moon Records 110 East 13th Street, Suite 4-A New York City 10003
United States (212) 260-8011

Cover logo: Don Alan
Type: Hand Drawn LET, by Letraset Foundry
Distributed by The Cartel (U.K.), Rude (D) and New Rose (F)
©1989 Unicorn Records Made in England
Send long-stamped envelope or 2 IPRC's for free mail order catalogue.
UNICORN RECORDS, 191 Seven Sisters Rd, London N4 3NG ENGLAND
Phone 01-281-2821 Fax 01-281-6677

Tracks 1-15 here are later found on Moving Target 1987, Moon Ska 1994 and Megalith Records 2003 CD issuances of their SKABOOM! debut. Also Phoenix City/ Cherry Red Records UK 2012 CD issue.

arrived via West Milford, NJ in 3/2012

PHZA-56 Skaos – Catch this Beat
Their second album of mash 'em up party stompers "Do the Ska", "Better Beware" & "Living in Bavaria" was released on December 12, 1989

Side 1
Do The Ska
Oh Sally
Straight To Your Heart
Jungle Beat

Side 2
Everything(Girl) But You
Better Beware
Bonehead (I Just Can’t Stand It)
Living in Bavaria

All songs written by W. Winkler/E. Tahedl
Produced by Matzge, Engineered by Matzge and Georg. Recorded and mixed at Veilklang Studios, August/September 1989. Cover art & design: Steve Friel. Special thanks to Sibylle and Manne at Blockshock (Berlin), Ede, Norbert Mascha, Horst, and Ralf. © 1990 Unicorn Records Made in England

SKAOS FAN CLUB: Norbert Mascha, Zeppelinstr. 23, 8873 Ichenshausen, WEST GERMANY

For more ska-otic beats catch Skaos' debut album Beware! (PHZA-24) available exclusively on Unicorn

Distributed by the Cartel (UK), Danceteria (F), Recordex & Berus (NL), Good Stuff (I) and Caroline International.

Not available for sale in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Send long stamped envelope or 2 IPRC's for FREE mail order catalogue.

Released in Germany (all pink artwork) as Pork Pie Records 04231-6

via Minneapolis MN, 9/2010

See PHZCD-62 for more info

PHZA-57 Various Artists: Planet Ska - The International Ska Compilation L.P.

6 FEB 1990

with printed insert of bandinfos and standard full 4 page Unicorn catalog

Skaos - These Boys (W. Winkler/ E. Tahedl) 2:56
Pick it Up - Partir (Pick It Up) 2:35
Galaxy of Prizes - Ska Lip Soul (D. Marin) 4:34
Ska'd for Life - Generally Desensitized*** (L.Huber) 2:20
Skatala - De Jamaica a Roma (via Budapest) J.M Puges/ E. Gallart 3:57
Just Kidding - All I wanna be (C. Mills) 3:35

*** (early vox by Allstonians' Nigel Knucklehead Dana Thurston)
Publishing: 1. Untied Balls [sic], 3. Innervoice, 5. Skamarla Music
Compiled by Squale Records (Paris). This Compilation P + © 1990 Unicorn Records. Made in England
Runout: LYN25065 DAMONT

Bim Skala Bim - Hung Up (J. Cameron/ J. Starr) 2:47
The Late Notes - Local Member (Late Notes) 2:26
Blue Beat - Really Unreal (Blue Beat) 2:24
Ska Cha Cha - Lost Angeles (M. Nine/ D. Marin) 3:15
Les Naufrages - Le bal des Naufrages (J. – M. Poisson) 3:01
Maroon Town - City Riot (C. Campbell) 4:16

Publishing: 4. Innervoice, 6. Melodisc
Compiled by Squale Records (Paris). This Compilation P + © 1990 Unicorn Records. Made in England
Runout: LYN25066 DAMONT

Special thank to Zoot, Monkey Business, the Rude Boys Society of Glasgow, Matthew (Oz), Mark (California) , Dan (Boston) Sean, Enrique de Cataluna, Thomas, Fred (Paris), Ralf, Marco, Chris (Oz) and Devon

Was also released as PHZCD-57, four years later...

LP via Sète, France 11/14/2013

(rubber stamped "45.0 Danceteria 20.02.90")


ARTISTS: Various
TITLE: Planet Ska
LABEL: Unicorn France PHZA-57

12 Ska bands from around the world compete for attention on first release by Unicorn's label in France.

RELEASE DATE: Thursday, 8 February 1990

Unicon's new label in France, appropriately called UNICORN FRANCE, enters the international Ska compilation sweepstakes with a cracker of a release representing bands from Australia (JUST KIDDING and THE LATENOTES), Germany (SKAOS and THE BLUE BEAT), the United States (GALAXY OF PRIZES and SKA CHA CHA), Spain (SKATALA), the United Kingdom (the bespoke MAROON TOWN) and of course France -- which provides PICK IT UP and LES NAUFRAGES (trans. "The Shipwrecked"), the latter band composed of members of OTH (one of the leading Indie bands in France) and VIERGES (a prominent cult group).

Future releases by UNICORN FRANCE include the first all- Australian Ska compilation, a French language mini-album by Laurel Aitken, and a series of two-band albums under the Skazophrenic banner.

PHZCD-57 Various Artists: Planet Ska - The International Ska Compilation CD
Unicorn International p & c 1994
Compiled by Squale Records (Patrick Shan), Paris France
Playing Time 37:40 – Photo and design by TIAN

1. Skaos (Germany) These Boys 3:09 Wooly Winkler / Elli Tahedl, United Balls;
2. Pick It Up (France) Partir 2:41 Pick it Up
3. Galaxy of Prizes (USA) Ska Lip Soul 4:21 D. Marin / Innervoice
4. Ska'd For Life (USA) Generally Desensitized 2:25 * (early Allstonians) L. Huber
5. Skatala (Catalonia) De Jamaica a Roma via Budapest 4:00 J.M. Puges & E. Gallart
6. Just Kidding (Oz) All I wanna be 3:39 Chris Mills
7. Bim Skala Bim (USA) Hung Up 2:51 J. Cameron & J. Starr
8. The Late Notes (Oz) Local Member 2:31 Late Notes
9. The Bluebeat (Germany) Really Unreal 2:28 Blue Beat
10. Ska Cha Cha - (USA) Lost Angeles 2:10 M. Nine & D. Marin
11. Les Naufrages (France) Le bal de Naufrages 3:04 J.M. Poisson
12. Maroon Town (U.K.) City Riot 4:16 C. Campbell / Melodisc music

compact disc via Iggy "Two Tone" Golecenzsky, Passaic NJ in 8/2006

PHZA-58 The Late Notes – Hallelujah Ska / we're on a mission from God

Eight tracks from Sydney's finest classic and modern ska band. Five storming originals plus 3 brilliant covers "Bouncing Woman, Confucius, and Hard Man Fe Dead". Preaching to the choir? Amen! Recorded July & November 1990

Ska Hop
Yeah Alright
Suzie Sue
Hallelujah Ska
Bouncing Woman
Local Member
Hard Man Fe Dead

Produced by The Late Notes. Recorded at Trackdown and Rio Grande Studios. July & November 1989. Mixed at Axent Studio, April 1990. ©1990 Unicorn Records. Made in England.

Sleeve art: Steve Friel
Photos: Heather De Plazier
Sleeve design: Mark Johnson

Richard Gaymer – Guitar
Adam Hampson – Bass
Melinda Eliot – Tenor saxophone
David Cunningham – Trumpet, vocals track 4
Brendan Tracey – Keyboards, vocals track 5
Matthew De Wilde – Lead vocals
Rudy Powell – Backing vocals
Shane Roberts – Drums
Allen Cave – Percussion
Guest Instrumentalists:
Daniel Barnett (trombone)
Vanessa Edwards (tenor sax)
Martin Thomas (trumpet)


out 6/18/90
added 6/19/07!

Aussie ska, 1986-92
PHZA-59 Laurel Aitken w/The Skatalites
During the Long Hot Summer of 1963 (1990)

"The Legendary Godfather of Ska Vol. 3"
Twelve songs recorded w/ the Skatalites in Jamaica during the long hot 1963 summer. Some of the best Ska ever recorded. LP created by Unicorn using available vinyl, as the tapes had long since vanished. out Jan 11th

Side 1
1. Bad minded woman, RIO R-13-A (1964)
2. Adam and Eve, RIO R-11-1 (1963)
3. Hometown, RIO R-12-B (1963)
4. Devil or Angel, RIO R-17-A (1963)
5. Sunshine, RIO R-15-B (1963)
6. Freedom Train, RIO R-18-A (1964)

Side 2
1. Life, RIO R-13-B (1964)
2. Fire, RIO R-17-B (1963)
3. The Saint, BLACK SWAN WI-411-A
4. Mary, RIO R-12-A (1963)
5. Peace perfect peace, RIO R-18-B (1964)
6. Lion of Judah, BLACK SWAN WI-401-B (1963)

Laurel Aitken: Vocals
Tommy McCook: Tenor Sax
Lester Sterling: Alto Sax
Baba Brooks: Trumpet
Jah Jerry: Guitar
Lloyd Brevitte: Bass
Lloyd Knibbs: Drums
Gladdy Anderson: Keyboards

NOTE: Without a single exception, the original master tapes of the singles on this album vanished long ago. Despite selecting the best vinyl copies available and editing out as many clicks as possible without turning the tracks into musical mush, some unavoidable "pops" and "clicks" still regretfully remain

All songs written and produced by Laurel Aitken
Front photo: Jean Bernard Sohiez
Sleeve design: Mark Johnson

via Stanford-le-hope, Essex 5/2012
11 Jan 1990
Parts make up the 1998 grover.de
CD /LP of same name
"Long Hot Summer"
PHZCD-59 The Skatalites and Laurel Aitken
The Long Hot Summer: Jamaican Ska 1963
(ROIR USA cassette 1991, Unicorn UK CD 1993)
It was the summer of 1963 and Blue Beat, which Laurel Aitken had introduced to England three years earlier, was reaching the height of its popularity in the “sceptered isles”. Laurel hadn't been back to Jamaica since he emigrated in 1960, and as he stepped off the plane at Kingston airport he was looking forward to a pleasant month at home. But it wasn't all relaxation, because one of the first things he did was to walk down to a place called Coney Island which, says Laurel, “is where they play games, like an amusement arcade but they also play music there. I knew bass player Lloyd Brevette from there, so I went 'roundand got in touch and The Skatalites just got together for my session.”

“The Skatalites were not a full-time band. You might do a session and have two or three of them playing on it, and I'd done sessions with a number of the guys before. But this was the first time I'd worked with the full Skatalites - except for Don Drummond, and I don't know where he was at this time. But we were all happy to see each other because everybody knew I had gone to England. We went into Khoury Studio in Foreshore Road in West Kingston for two days, and not even two full days. Including mix-down, I thinkand we came out with twelve tracks.”

Being in the rough Jamaican studios of the early Sixties didn't exactly make recording an easy affair, but the songs on this compact disc show what can be done with little or no rehearsal - when the songs and musicians are tops in their league. “As each song was finished, “ remembered Laurel, “you'd say 'Yeah, yeah' cos that was it and it was there. Like a jam session but not like a jam session because it all comes out good. The band didn't have an actual leader - cos everyone was a professional musician. Tommy McCook sometimes cos he's a horn man. They would just get together and each would know as much as the next one. They were jazz musicians most of them, but you see at one time they couldn't get work playing jazz so they started playing the Ska.”

With the dozen songs down, and not letting the precious tape reels out of his sight (bootlegging being a favourite pastime of even the most respected of Jamaican producers), Laurel “brought the tapes back to England myself and cut a whole lot of acetates. I gave the acetates to the sound systems for them to play cos this is how you used to do that music. You get acetates and you take them to the biggest sound system in a certain area. People get to listen to it and, if it's popular and people want copies of it, then you press up the records and release it. I don't think these tracks were released in Jamaica, unless it was by the pirates. The singles sold real good, cos Skatalites tracks are real Ska music. If you're talking about Ska music, then this's it. The most popular song from the session, and the one I like best (and I also really like 'Mary'), was 'Bad Minded Woman', so this album starts off with that one. That one's baaaad!” - Mark Johnson

These songs, which were almost all major hits for Laurel Aitken in the United Kingdom, were originally released under his name with no mention of the band playing on them. It was only when discussing other Unicorn projects with Laurel that the identity of the band came up accidentally in conversation. Needless to say, the original tapes were probably recycled for newer recordings and no longer exist. The music on this CD was remastered under the direct supervision of Laurel Aitken from original vinyl, and represents the best possible sound reproduction. LP©1990, CD©1993 Unicorn Records. Made in England.

1. Bad Minded Woman, RIO R-13-A (1964)
2. Adam and Eve, RIO R-11-1 (1963)
3. Hometown, RIO R-12-B (1963)
4. Devil or Angel, RIO R-17-A (1963)
5. Sunshine, RIO R-15-B (1963)
6. Freedom Train, RIO R-18-A (1964)
7. Life, RIO R-13-B (1964)
8. Fire, RIO R-17-B (1963)
9. The Saint, BLACK SWAN WI-411-A
10. Mary, RIO R-12-A (1963)
11. Peace perfect peace, RIO R-18-B (1964)
12. Lion of Judah, BLACK SWAN WI-401-B (1963)

PHZCD-59. All songs written and produced by Laurel Aitken, and published by Sunbeam Music. Recorded in the summer of '63 at Khoury Studio, Foreshore Road, West Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

CD via Hiriam, GA 6/15/09

Reachout International Records' (NYC USA) A-201 cassette ©1991
Cassette via Athens 11526 Greece, 9/25/09

Parts make up the 1998 grover.de
CD /LP of same name
"Long Hot Summer"

Unicorn-issued CD '93

ROIR A-201, 1991
PHZA-60 The Toasters – 'Frankenska'

10 excellent live tracks include Run Rudy Run, Matt Davis and the new song Don't Blame Me. Shipped with free 16.5" x 23.5" B&W fold-out poster!

Like the nightmare scenes from "Escape From New York" they rose from the steaming manholes and emerged from dark alleyways out of the world's most feared concrete jungles intent on spreading their contagion to the unsuspecting Europeans – the Ska killers were on the rampage! Their first Trans-Atlantic victims were in England (the secret location of their Leader's original crypt) at London's second international Ska festival which the quickly and mercilessly transformed into a Ska-Ghoul's paradise more to their liking. With the assembled victims drawn from the four corners of the earth, the mayhem was astounding and no quarter was given. Untold numbers of veiled appearances followed in the Spectred Isles, and this album captures these marauding fiends at the height of their horrific power. Having thoroughly enthralled their followers both new and old, the ghostly Skatrain rumbled in the dead of night to Europe where the Ska-plague infected yet more of the unsuspecting in a still-divided and defenseless Germany. Now the word was rapidly spreading: The Ska Killers are coming again, and daughters and old-fashioned ideas are being locked away in a futile search for safety. But there is no defense against The Toasters -- We're doomed to dance forever! – Skankenstein
< Type used for these notes is Stymie on LP/ Copperplate Gothic Bold on CD >

Matt Davis
Weekend in L.A.
Go Girl
Run Rudy Run
Thrill Me Up

Don't Blame Me
One-Track Mind
Ska Killers
East Side Beat
Pool Shark

arrived via Chicago IL USA, 2/15/07
arrived via Decatur GA USA, 2/27/14 (complete w/ poster)

Frankenska - Live Islington 12 JUNE 1989 reissued by madbutcher.de (sub-label Black Butcher Classics, matrix BBC024) out 6 May 2019 in black wax.

Rec'd 12 JUN 89 Islington

The Toasters – Frankenska CD
PRESS RELEASE: from the desk of Mark Johnson
Ten track undead album recorded in London by America's No. 1 Ska ravers
Release date: Thursday, 8 February 1990

During their first Eurotour last year, New York City's skasters supreme, The Toasters, played a major Ska gig at London's Town & Country II with Potato 5* and The Deltones – and their set was captured on a 10-track live album which combines new material with the band's own audience favourites. Included are live versions of "Pool Shark" and "Thrill Me Up", the title tracks from The Toasters' first two albums -- as well as a new song never before on vinyl" "One-Track Mind". Included in the album is a free A2-sized poster of the Ska lampoon "zombie" sleeve by artist Steve Friel.

The Toasters are expected to tour the U.K. and Europe in the early summer 1990, and are currently involved in recording their third studio album.

• Potato 5's live tracks released on Unicorn as Five Alive PHZCD/LP-73

• Some discs silver; NO underbase (unlike this white example shown at right >)

CD arrived via Paradise, CA 4/18/09

Rec'd live 12 Jun 89
CD release 1993 PHZCD-60
PHZD-61 Laurel Aitken & Derrick Morgan – Two Knights of Ska
Double album with 22 songs. Includes insert with Laurel's full biography b/w a long exclusive 12" x 12" interview with Derrick. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 engineered by Tony Elgin. Released 3-9-1990

Two Knights of Ska: Derrick Morgan
1. The National Dance * 4:46
2. Greedy Girl / Wet dream / Hold Yu Jack * 4:22
3. Meekly Wait / Housewives’ Choice / She’s so Young * 4:27
4. Miss Lulu * 3:05
5. The Moon Hop + 3:59
6. Tougher and Tough * 2:52
7. Fat Man / Be Still / Sunday Monday * 6:47
8. In my Heart I feel like a King * 2:41
9. Don’t call me Daddy * 2:28
10. Blackhead Chinaman / Blazing Fire + 3:07
11. Some Women Must Cry + 4:36
12. Laurel & Derrick - Boogie in my Bones jam session + 5:58

Two Knights of Ska: Laurel Aitken
13. Mad About You # 3:41
14. Bartender # 4:18
15. Caledonia + 3:42
16. Rudy got Married # 4:48
17. Skinhead # 6:50
18. Landlords & Tenants / Pussy Price # 7:06
19. I Love You, Yes I Do # 5:40
20. I’m A Rebel # 3:17
21. It’s Too Late + 4:40
22. Sally Brown (Guest vocals by Verona) # 5:03

* Recorded at the Sir George Robey, London, 7 DEC 1989
+ Recorded at Hackney Empire, London, 18 NOV 1989
# Recorded at Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues, Soho, 17 AUG 1989

Cover Photos: Phoenix J. Bey
Sleeve Design: Mark Johnson
©1990 Unicorn Records / Made in England

The Ska Immortals:
Over the thirty-year history of Ska music a group of four singers have established themselves as The Ska Immortals: Laurel Aitken, Derrick Morgan, Prince Buster and Desmond Dekker (in chronological order). The first was and is Laurel Aitken, whom Gaz Mayall christened "The Godfather of Ska" and has the distinction of being Jamaica’s first recording star. One of the music’s originators, Laurel brought to the Ska the important influences of calypso and rhythm n’ blues. His first Ska releases were really "ska boogie", took him to No. 1 in the Jamaican charts – the first Jamaican to top the nation’s own hit parade. After this first flush of success Laurel emigrated to England where he established the "blue beat" on new and fertile ground, and his was the first single on the legendary Blue Beat Label.

Meanwhile, back in Jamaica, Derrick Morgan was releasing the Ska to an increasingly enthusiastic island audience. The Ska was their first truly home-grown music, andwhen independence came in August 1962, it was indisputably "The National Dance". Derrick’s string of Jamaican chart hits (having the top seven in the Top Ten is a record no artist has even approached in the years since) as unrivalled, and he produced the first songs by Prince Buster, Desmond Dekker and Jimmy Cliff – all up-and-coming artists who soon became legends in their own right. In fact, the friendly rivalry between Derrick and Buster soon became deadly serious to their fans and the government put pressure on the two artists to do a massive concert together to stop the violence.

When the Ska audiences matured and looked for a more "steady" beat. The Immortals evolved Rocksteady which others took into Reggae. Laurel and Derrick continued to release the hits their audience wanted to hear – and this audience soon included the English skinheads (whose style and musical tastes combined that of the Jamaican Rude Boys with the Sixties Mods) who championed Skinhead Reggae. While times always change the popular styles of music, certain tastes remain – and Laurel, Derrick, Desmond and Prince Buster still represent the Voice of The People.

2xLP added 7/17/06

2xLP out 9 Mar 1990
PHZCD-62 Skaos – Catch This Beat / Beware CD (1990) = PHZA 24 + PHZA 56

• PHZCD-62 1990 UNICORN 2FER (yellow disc)

• DOJO LOMA 29 (Reissued by Roger Lomas on blue disc 1993) - This compilation ©1990 Unicorn Records. Tracks sequence screwed up on both.

1. Going Insane
2. After Midnight
3. Destination Skaville
4. J.B.’s Death
5. These Boys
6. The Munsters (MCA Music)
7. I Love to Dance
8. The Invincible Seven
9. Jesse James
10. Prison
11. Frankenstein’s Party
12. …!?

13. Do The Ska
14. Oh Sally
15. Straight To Your Heart
16. Brainkiller
17. Jungle Beat
18. Everything(Girl) But You
19. Better Beware
20. Bonehead (I Just Can’t Stand It)
21. Superhero
22. Living in Bavaria

PHZCD-62 added via Reze, Bretagne (France) 44400 on 2/17/2018

13-22 released Pork Pie Records Germany, 1989 pink cover
later Backtolive+Catchthisbeat 04625-2 CD Pork Pie Germany October 1995

1989: German issue includes BEWARE!

1995: Backtolive+Catchthisbeat Pork Pie CD

2 vinyls on 1 CD, Unicorn UK, 1990

2 vinyls on 1 CD, Dojo LTD UK, 1993

PHZA-63 Derrick Morgan – The Moon Hop
Mr. Skinhead Reggae presents 6 new recordings of his classic Moon Hop, Housewives' Choice and In My Heart plus the new song Baby Come Home.
Recorded 1st December 1989 at Aosis Studios, Chalk Farm, LONDON.

Engineer: John Lyons
Tape operator: Ant Danbury
Produced by Derrick Morgan
Sleeve design: Mark Johnson
Photos: Phoenix J. Bey and Mark Johnson
“Skangaroo” & art: Steve Friel
©1990 Unicorn Records Made in England

Moon Hop
Moon Hop (Guava Dub)
Housewive’s Choice
In My Heart I Feel Like a King
Baby Come Home
Baby Dub

The Musicians
Trevor “Whitey” White – bass
Trevor Starr – guitar
Lloyd Donaldson – drums
Alphonso Al – percussion
Eddy TanTan Thornton – trumpet
Fata Morris – piano
Floyd Lloyd – melodica
Donna Michael – backing vocals
June Powell – backing vocals & lead vocals on ‘Housewive’s Choice’

Thanks to Steve Shafer for sleeve scans, 2009!

via Ealing (London W5) on 20 JUNE 17!
Derrick Morgan
The Moon Hop
Release Date: 9 January 1990
Two decades ago the "moon hop" performed by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren [sic] was witnessed by tens of millions on television, including one of the top Jamaican vocalists named Derrick Morgan. The result of this inspiration was the rousing "skinhead reggae" song called "Moon Hop" which entered the U.K. charts in late 1969 and reached the Top Fifty in January of 1970. Although the single was covered almost note for note under the name "Skinhead Moonstomp" by Simaryp on the Trojan label (without a word of credit or royalty to the original song's composer), the original "Moon Hop" has been a particular target for record collectors -- which has encouraged Derrick Morgan to record a new version for the Nineties which modernises the sound and instrumentation without abandoning the roots feeling of the original.

Coupled with "The Moon Hop" are three additional songs making up a classic new mini-album: renewed versions of "Housewives' Choice" and "In My Heart I Feel Like A King" plus a new song composed for the release by Floyd Lloyd called "Baby Come Home". Combined with dub versions of "The Moon Hop" and "Baby Come Home", this six-track release brings the Jamaican sound of the late Sixties up to date as we plunge headlong into the last decade of the century.

The Moon Hop by Derrick Morgan is distributed by APT & Jetstar (UK), Rude (D), Danceteria (F), Recordex & Bertus (NL), Good Stuff (I) and Caroline International Exports. 191 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park LONDON N4 3NG 01-281-2821 Fax 01 281 6677. Unicorn France 11 allee J.-B. Clement, 78570 Andresy, France. Unicorn Deutschland, Pucklerstrasse 22, 1000 Berlin 36 West Germany.

out 9 January 1990

PHZA-64 No Sports - Stay Rude, Stay Rebel 12" / out 7 May 1990

Stay Rude – Stay Rebel 4.33
Tour De France 2.53
Music: 1. Dollar, 2. Machner
Lyrics: 1. Dollar/ Zwist, 2 Machner/Pettnau

Love Song 3.43
Girl (Tango) 4.12
Music & lyrics: Dollar

These 4 tracks get added to Unicorn CD PHZCD49
Also subsequently included on Pork Pie Records CD (Germany) 1993, 2006

DM $ - lead vocals / guitar
Flupp Flushaway – guitar / backing vocals
Gerald Machner – bass/backing vocals
Max – keyboards
T’schelle – drums
Eggi Rodriguez – trombone
Miami Weiss – baritone & tenor sax
Andy Fuchs – alto sax
Oliver Zwist – trumpet / vocals

Sleeve design & art: Dollar
Engineer: Klaus Scharff
Mix/production: Scharff /Dollar
Recorded at basement Studio, Stuttgart

Management and Booking:
Gerald Machner, Im unteren Kienle 8-B
7000 Stuttgart 1, W GERMANY 0711-2421

No Sports supports the non-sportive movement
Produced & ©1990 Unicorn Records Made In England

thanx to: winnie gabi ulli iris georg albert mark johnson doti casino pizzeria italia anker stanley the passion of the musicians girlfriends moms and dads fans and friends ping pongs foggo skasters and all the other ska bands rudies and rude girls letter writers normal people all the helping hands and brains gallons of beer and orange juice fidutia saxophon shop stgt godfather of vater-reisen t’schelle and all the scooter jumpers andy for making a record instead of buying a car ollie for driving the van ute for giving reason for the love song klaus for being dead on time twice a year all the king kongs of sporting studio and an encore to winnie.

Thanks to Steve Shafer for jacket scans mid-August 2009!

via Torino Italy 12/10/12

Combined with King Ska for Unicorn (UK), Pork Pie Records (D) CD 1993 which was issued again in 2006 for the band's 20th anniversary.
PHZA-65 The Downtowners – Yes I Do!
5 track mini E.P. of great Ska and rocksteady from Rome's top Skankers and their Jamaican singer Glenton. Released June 1990.
PHZA-65 33 RPM

Why The Violence 2.50
Freedom Song 4.41
Downtown Boys 4.45
Songs written by Gazzara/ Oliva
P & © 1990 Unicorn Records. Made in England.

Mandy 2:43
Yes I Do! 5.24
Songs written by Gazzara/ Oliva
P & © 1990 Unicorn Records. Made in England.

Leonardo - Drums
Fabio - Bass
Valter -Guitar
Italo - Sax
Carlo - Backing Vox
Glenton - Lead Vox
plus Frank Gazzara - Keys
& Joe Crasta - Trumpet

Songs composed by Gazzara and Oliva. Produced by Italo Malpica. Recorded & mixed by Mimmo Valenzi at Gulliver, Rome. Licensed from G.D.M., Milan.

Downtowners Fanclub c/o Valentina Claro Via F. Frazzi 13, 00155 Rome Italy.

Dedicated to Ottavio & Adele, Marco, Monica, Daniela, Francesca, where the girls are...., Franca, Antonia, Matteo, Francesca & Valentina, Concrete Jungle, Sergio, Lorena, Flavio, Salvatore, Ermete Cecelia, Paulo, Mauro, PF & BM, Alien R&R Club, The Mobsters, Banda Bassotti, The Capitones, Andrea "2 Tons" and Casino Royale. Cover art: Steve Friel, Sleeve Design: Mark Johnson. P & © 1990 Unicorn Records. Made in England.

Baby Teeth by Milton Glaser 1964, Souvenir by Morris Fuller Benton 1914

added 15 Mar 2019, via dublin.ie

Rome Italy
PHZCD-66 Ska-Boom - Lost in Ska (CD)

1. Classic Case (4:02)
2. Hard Times (3:30)
3. What Did I Do? (4:09)
4. But My Love (4:26)
5. So Far Away (2:50)
6. Carry Go Bring Come (3:05)
7. Lost In Ska (4:57)
8. Sister (2:17)
9. Romeo [live] (4:46)
10. Today (4:04)
11. Ska Summer 1990 (2:51)
12. I didn’t mean it (3:56)
13. More Tea, Vicar? (2:33)
14. Runaway Girl (4:11)

Produced by Andy Poval for Holier Than Thou Productions. Made In England.

Songs written by Murphy (4,8,10,11 & 14), Murphy/Pearson (1), Murphy/Monroe (2), Murphy/Sampson (7), Sampson/Panczak (3), Munroe (5), J.Hinds (6*), Caleb/Murphy (9), Sampson/Connealy (12) and Ska-Boom (13). All songs Copyright control, except 6* by Blue Mountain Music

"Iron" Mark Pearson - Keyboards
Nick "Shoulders" Murphy – Vocals
Richard Sampson – Guitar
"Robbo" – Drums
Henry "Al Capone" Munroe – Bass Guitar
Dave "Longshot" Collins - Trumpet
Billy "The Kid" Davidson – Sax
Matt Drowse - Trombone

There's another press (1st?), w/ monochrome sleeve on Extremely Nice Records UK, 1990


CD was released 1/1991 Leicester UK
PHZCD-67 Various Artists – Super Ska: The Unicorn Ska Singles & Mini albums
"The songs on this compact disc are our favourite Ska tracks which appeared on Unicorn's mini-albums, budget elpees, maxi-singles and 7" releases between 1987-1990"

Yes, typeface is Banco too [as is the Thrasher skate mag masthead]

01. Moon Hop - Derrick Morgan (Jamaica) 5:30
02. Make Me Smile - The Deltones (UK) 3:27
03. Mr. Brown - Donkey Show (Los Angeles) 3:38
04. Wichdoctor from Amsterdam - Laurel Aitken (Jamaica) 4:02
05. Whisky Bar - Baby Snakes (Sweden) 4:18
06. Downtown Boys - The Downtowners (Italy) 4:45
07. Rude Boy Dream - Laurel Aitken (Jamaica) 3:28
08. I Don't Believe You - Napoleon Solo (Denmark) 2:54
09. Lemon Squeezy - The Deltones (UK) 3:34
10. Why Must We Fight - Just Kidding (Australia) 3:41
11. Jet'aimerai toujours/I Love You, Yes I Do - Laurel Aitken (Jamaica) 3:35
12. The First Time/1ere Foie - Machtoc (France) 2:55
13. Insomnia - Donkey Show (Los Angeles) 3:19
14. Housewives' Choice - Derrick Morgan (Jamaica) 3:46
15. Teenage Ska - Little Chief (UK) 2:46
16. Everybody Ska - Laurel Aitken (Jamaica) 5:30
17. Running Around - The Deltones (UK) 2:20
18. Stay Rude, Stay Rebel - No Sports (Germany) 4:33

1 & 14: From the MOON HOP mini-album (PHZA-63, 1/90)
2 & 17: From the Make Me Smile 12" (12-PHZ-41, 6/89)
3 & 13: From the BALI ISLAND mini-lp (PHZA-26, 2/89)
4 & 11: From the ESCAPADE EN FRANCE mini-album (PHZA-69, 2/90)
5: From the IMPUDENT REPTILES mini-lp (PHZA-12, 12/87)
6: From the YES, I DO! mini-album (PHZA-65, 6/90)
7: From the SALLY BROWN mini-lp (PHZA-54, 11/89)
8: From the HOW TO STEAL THE WORLD mini-album (PHZA-29, 12/88)
9: From the Stay Where You Are 7" (PHZ-34, 3/89)
10: From the WATCH THE FIRES budget lp (PHZA-38, 6/89)
12: From the ZIPPY mini-album (PHZA-74, 10/90)
13: From PHZA-26
14: From PHZA-72
15: From the LOOSEN UP mini-lp (PHZA-43, 8/89)
16: From the Everybody Ska 12" (12-PHZ-40, 6/89)
17: From the MAKE ME SMILE 12" B side (12-PHZ-41 6/89)
18: From the STAY RUDE, STAY REBEL mini-lp (PHZA-64, 5/90)

what seemed like eternity leading up to, via Nova Scotia 10/30/07

in 1990, matrix #67 was "soon" intended to be Laurel Aitken's The Blue Beat Years (1960-66), Godfather of Ska Vol.4 – which was never released
compact disc ©1993
at least 2 different press / variant

Japanese sale included OB1 strip
PHZA-68 Derrick Morgan – The Blazing Fire 1959-69 Vol. 1
A dozen classic 60's Ska/rocksteady faves include Loverboy, Forward March, Sunday Monday, Be Still, Miss Lulu, and title track. Hot dragon sleeve!
The Immortal DERRICK MORGAN: Blazing Fire, Vol. 1 Classic Ska 1959-1965
Released 1990. Cat # PHZA-68. Liner notes by Watford Jon

1. Blazing Fire (2:46)
2. Should Be Ashamed (2:32)
3. Be Still (2:35)
4. Shake A Leg (2:35)
5. Edamarine (2:27)
6. Sunday Monday (2:14)
All songs by Derrick Morgan and Published by D & N Music. P & C Unicorn 1990
LYN 26183

1. Forward March (2:45)
2. Meekly Wait* (2:35)
3. Lover Boy (2:37)
4. You Never Miss The Water (2:37)
5. Oh My (3:20)
6. Miss LuLu (2:51)
All songs by Derrick Morgan and Published by D & N Music. P & C Unicorn 1990
LYN 26184

sourced from
[title/ JA studio/ year/UK release matrix #/ UK release year]
Lover Boy - Duke Reid 1959 (BB-18-A 1960)
Be Still - Beverley's 1961 (BB-76-B 1962)
Meekly Wait* - Count Bells 1961 (BB-94-A 1962)
Should Be Ashamed - Prince Buster's 1962 (BB-130-A 1962)
Sunday Monday - Beverley's 1961 (BB-76-A 1962)
Forward March - Beverley's 1962 (WI-011-A)
Miss Lulu - Prince Buster's 1960 (BB-239-A 1964)
Shake A Leg - Prince Buster's 1960 (BB-239-A 1964)
Oh My - Duke Reid 1959 (BB-18-A 1960)
Edmarine - Beverley's 1963 (WI-402-B)
Blazing Fire - Beverley's 1963 (WI-051-A)
You Never Miss The Water** - Beverley's 1965 (PYR-6027)
* w/ Yvonne, ** w/ Pauline

arrived 11/15/07
PHZA-69 Laurel Aitken – Eskapade En France
Four of Laurel's best known songs (two w/ French versions) like Witchdoctor from Amsterdam and Bad Minded Woman. Laurel sings in French on Je t'aimerai toujours (I love you yes I do) and Eh mon amour (Hey little girl).

Side 1
Je t'aimerai toujours (I love you yes I do)
Bad minded woman (avec The Skatalites)

Side 2
Witchdoctor from Amsterdam (Enregiste en 1977)
Eh mon amour (Hey Little Girl)
Tous les titres ecrits et produits par Laurel Aitken.

When I came to play concerts in France in May of 1989, after many years absense, I was impressed by the friendliness and enthusiasm of the audiences in Paris, Toulouse and Rennes – and I told myself (and everyone I know) that I would escape to France in 1990 to start the new decade in the best possible way. I have now been able to schedule a full tour, with the cooperatoiion of the excellent Beurk's Band, and it will be wonderful to be able to sing for the many French-speaking people who enjoy the true original Jamaican sounds.
This mini-album, which contains my first recordings in French, is a sample of the past, the presnt and the future. The oldest song, "Bad Minded Woman", is one of my forever favourites. It was recorded (along with eleven others) during an amazing two-day session Jamaica in the the summer of 1963 with The Skatalites as my backing band – and comes from my recent With The Skatalites album (PHZA-59). "Witchdoctor From Amsterdam" was recorded in 1977 but was not released until last year on the Rise And Fall LP (PHZA-48), and I am very happy to see how much everyone enjoys it. But I must admit this was aa great surprise to me because I only recorded it for my own enjoyment - not as a serious release!
But the two major songs here, "I Love You Yes I Do" and "Hey Little Girl", represent the ska which I most enjoy – the sound of the nineties. "Hey Little Girl", The English version was released on my Sally Brown mini-album (PHZA-54) and "I Love You, Yes I Do" from my first new album in many years - Ringo The Gringo (PHZA-50). It is my pleasure to record these new versions in French for you, and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Jacket notes: also written in French
Photo: Sandra Aitken, Pochette: Frederic Dornier
Distribue par Danceteria (France), APT (GB). Rude (RFA), Bertus & Recordsex (PB). Made in England P & C 1990 Unicorn Records
runout groove states - "Le Porky Prime Cut", "DAMONT"

UNICORN FRANCE, 11 allee J.-B. Clement, 78570 Andresy FRANCE

arrived 4/2/12 via Torrance CA

E.P. out February '90
All of these appear on Grover Records' Rudi Got Married Laurel Aitken retrospective Volume 5 2003, and + Pressure Drop UK's anthology 2010
PHZA-70 Various Artists – Skankin' Round The World, Volume 4

1. The Mobsters – Stepping Out (rec'd Pan Pot Studios, Rome, March 1990)
2. Blue Chateau – Nightmare (rec'd Metropol Studios, Hamburg, Dec 1989
3. The Riffs – How We Laughed (Airwave Studios Kilburn LDN March 1990)
4. No Sports – Love Song (rec'd Basement Studio Stuttgart Germany)
5. The Skatalites – Big Trombone (Blue Monk Jazz Gallery 17 Jul 83)
6. Laurel Aitken – I Love you, yes I do (Slamm Jamm Leicester Jan 1990)
Track 5 licensed from Danceteria, Lille
runout A: PHZA-70A

7. The Toasters – T-Time (rec'd Z Studio, Brooklyn NY, 12 May 90)
8. Dance Hall Crashers – Dance Hall Crashers (rec'd SF CA, Dec 89)
9. The Liquidators – Black & White Pictures (Jan 1990)
10. Derrick Morgan – In my heart (rec'd Aosis Studios London 1 Dec 90)
11. Just Kidding – A Girl Called Sunshine (Bartels St. Studio Feb 1990)
12. Tchiky Monky - Ok Les Boys (Dijon France 12 Feb 90)
Track 7 licensed from Skamming Music, Moon Records New York City USA
runout B: LYN26536

Once again [its London International Ska Festival time and] once again Unicorn presents its latest compilation of Ska and rocksteady sounds from around the world – this time featuring three of the greatest Ska artists of all time: The Skatalites, Laurel Aitken and Derrick Morgan. Since the dawn of the Ska age in the Fifties, Ska has set out to entertain, and our sleeve by Steve Friel reminds us of Laurel and his band greeting visitors to Jamaica with that most infectious rhythm. But Ska has always sought also to remind its listeners of the many problems in the world, not the least being racism, poverty and oppression – all subjects explored by the world-spanning bands included here. We are pleased to present the debuts of a host of excellent bands including Italy's The Mobsters, The Liquidators, and Dance Hall Crashers from the United States, and Tchiky Monky from France. Returning to the "Skankin'" series is Germany's Blue Chateau who have reclaimed their name after the American bean company took exception to their being called Heinz 57. Finally, we present some of the best recent or new recordings by The Toasters (USA), No Sports (Germany), The Riffs (UK) and Just Kidding (Australia). Now its time to relax in your deck chair, and float into Kingston harbour to the sounds of The Ska. Bon voyage!

Read the press release HERE

#4 From the mini-album Stay Rude Stay Rebel (UNICORN PHZA-64)
#5 From ROIR cassette and DANCETERIA album Stretching Out (ROIR A-141)
#6 From the album Ringo The Gringo (UNICORN PHZA-50)
#7 From the forthcoming MOON RECORDS album.
#9 From the forthcoming UNICORN mini-album.
#10 From the mini-album The Moon Hop (UNICORN PHZA-63)
#12 From forthcoming album Skazophrenic, Vol. 1 (UNICORN FRANCE PHZA-XX)

arrived 6/13/12 via London UK

18 June 90
Later DOJO CD 186 by Lol Pryor

It was by far hardest of the series to track down; recovered at the
Record Peddler W Queen Toronto liquidation sale, 4/21/01

Unicorn International - Perihan Sok. 117/5 Sisli. Istanbul Turkiye
PHZCD-71 Laurel Aitken – Rise & Fall / It's Too Late:
Legendary Godfather of Ska, volume I & II
24 Personal Selections 1960-85, CD (1990)

• 2 Unicorn LPs (PHZA-48 & PHZA-53) combined on 1 CD
• Track sequence similar to Rasta Man Power, a later ROIR cassette (matrix A-205) in U.S.A. 1992

1. You Got me Rockin' – DICE CC-1-B (1962) 2:03
2. Baby Baby (with Eva Maria) – D.I.P. DL-5055-A (1975) 3:22
3. Back to New Orleans – BLUE BEAT BB-84-A (1962) 2:45
4. Skinhead Train – NU BEAT NB-047-A (1969) 2:55
5. Bug-a-Boo – RIO R-36-B (1964) 2:18
6. Heile Heile (The Lion) – DOCTOR BIRD DB 1202-A (1969) 2:32
7. Witchdoctor from Amsterdam – (1977, previously unreleased) 4:02
8. Boogie Rock – BLUE BEAT BB-1-A (1960) 2:24
9. Rasta Man Power – (1979, previously unreleased) 2:57
10. Who’s Taking You Home – NU BEAT NB-054 (1971) 2:55
11. Let Me Love You Little Darling – (1985, previously unreleased) 4:10
12. Rise and Fall – DOCTOR BIRD DB-1197-A (1969) 2:23
13. It’s Too Late – Trojan, TR-7826 A (1971) 3:08
14. Shoo Bee Doo – Nu Beat, NB-043-A (1969) 2:44
15. Bouncing Woman – Blue Beat, BB-52-A (1961) 2:24
16. Daniel Saw The Stone – Blue Beat, BB-194-A (1963) 3:16
17. Blue Beat Dance (1984, previously unreleased) 3:57
18. Mr. Popcorn – Nu Beat, NB-048-A (1970) 2:33
19. Fire In My Wire – Doctor Bird, DB-1187-A (1969) 2:32
20. Gimme Back Mi Dollar – Nu Beat, NB-046-B (1969) 2:50
21. Brother David – Blue Beat, BB-084-A (1962) 2:51
22. Sweet Jamaica – Dice CC-13-A (1963) 2:04
23. Whole Lotta Rock – CARIBOU (196?) 2:18
24. Jesse James – Nu Beat, NB-045-A (1969) 2:40

All songs written by Laurel Aitken and published by Sunbeam Music.

disc ordered thru Trojan catalog via Bop Shop Records USA sometime Y2K
<<< HP7 HERE >>>

ROIR USA cassette via Athens 11526 Greece 9/17/09

PHZA-72 Derrick Morgan – The Blazing Fire Vol. 2
The Immortal DERRICK MORGAN: Blazing Fire, Vol. 2: Ska and Skinhead Reggae 1960-1975, Collection released in 1990. Unicorn Records Cat # PHZA-72 $33 / 33 RPM. Liner notes by Steve 'Grogger' Goodman

1. Fat man (2:23)
2. Don't Call Me Daddy* (2:33)
3. I Found a Queen (3:09)
4. It's Alright (3:01)
5. Housewive's Choice (2:35)
6. I'm in a Jam (2:46)
All songs by Derrick Morgan and Published by D & N Music. P & C Unicorn 1990
1. Tougher Than Tough (Rudie In Court) (2:26)
2. Derrick-Top The Pop (2:48)
3. I Love You (2:45)
4. hey Boy Hey Girl** (3:20)
5. Seven Letters (3:13)
6. Some Women Must Cry (3:12)

All songs by Derrick Morgan and Published by D & N Music. P & C Unicorn 1990
except #5 Ben E. King (Shapiro Bernstein Ltd.)
* with Baba Brooks Band
** with George Dekker

sourced from
[title/ JA studio/ year/UK release matrix #/ UK release year]
Fat Man - Smith's 1960 (BB-7-A 1960)
Don’t Call Me Daddy* - Duke Reid's 1965 (JB-218-A)
I Found A Queen - Beverley's 1966 (WI-288-A)
It’s Alright - Beverley's 1966 (WI-277-A)
Housewive’s Choice - Beverley's 1966 (WI-18-A)
I’m in A Jam - Beverley's 1963 (WI-51-B)
Tougher than Tough (Rudie In Court) - Beverley's 1967 (PYR-6010-A)
Derrick-Top the Pop - No JA release (UN-540-A 1969)
I Love You - Duke Reid's 1968 (NB-8-A)
Hey Boy Hey Girl** - The Hop 1968 (NB-8-A)
Seven Letters - No JA release (JP-700-A / CB-8-A 1969)
Some Women Must Cry - No JA release (HOSS-105-A 1975)

added 11/13/07

LP matrix PHZA-72
CD matrix is PHZCD-80
PHZA-73 Potato 5 – Five Alive
Five go mad in London! The final album by Britain's most popular modern ska band. Twelve tracks, nine of which appear here for the first time. Full colour sleeve.

Life began for the Potato 5 in 1983 as a Ska instrumental band in the Skatalites mold harkening back to the glory days of early Sixties Jamaica, but the Potato 5 really came of age when they teamed up on vocals first with Jamaican singer Floyd Lloyd and later on with the legendary Laurel Aitken. Vinyl proof of this is available in the shape of their 1986 debut album on the just-founded Gaz's Rockin' Records, Floyd Lloyd & The Potato 5 Meet Laurel Aitken /(LP GAZ -001), an album which has become a genuine classic with Ska fans around the world. The second album, True Fact (RACKIT MASH -001) saw the band experimenting with a fusion between Ska and hip hop an rap, and it stands out today as one of the most interesting Ska LPs of the Eighties.
By 1989 The Potato 5 and Laurel Aitken had gone their own ways, and the band recruited Spider Johnson on vocals. Back at the peak of their form, the band moved closer to the classic skinhead reggae sound and released the excellent Do The Jerk single (RHYME N' REASON 12-RNR-5). The band then headed off to tour Europe and the United States, but upon their return decided to play their final gig at London's Town & Country on 20th December 1989.
This album, composed of an even dozen songs (nine of which the band never had time to record in the studio). Was taped on a 16-track during a peak in Britain's Ska "revival" summer on 12th June 1989 at Town & Country II in Islington and captures the excitement created by one of England's best-ever live Ska bands.

Produced by Mick Anthony. Sleeve design by Mark Johnson & Farmer
Cover photo Justin Semmens, Back photo crowd of Dublin Castle, Camden Town 12 Aug 89 by Phoenix J. Bey

Shuttle Disaster (3:15)
Spit N' Polish (2:41)
Call Me Master (3:12)
Live Up (2:19)
Jail Me (3:17)
Stop That Train (3:29)
Harvest in the East (3:02)
Hi-Jacked (2:25)
Stopped by a Cop (4:48)
Do The Jerk (2:06)
Western Special (2:59)
Got To Go (2:58)

1990 Unicorn Records, Made in England. 36:38

LP via Southport, Merseyside UK 4/11/07
CD via UK, 2/5/10

Spuds '89:
Paul Hickson - drums
Paul Seacroft - guitar
Paula Richards - bass
Rick Walker - tenor sax
Spider Johnson - Vocals
Simon Driscoll - trombone
Andy Minion - alto/baritone sax
Martin Aberdeen - keyboards

Unicorn release 6 August 90
Later DOJO CD 181

PHZA-74 Machtoc – Zippy [6 track mini L.P. out 12 OCT 90]

A1 The first time (lère Foie) 2.55
A2 Marquis de Sade 5.08
A3 Too much hassle (Fête de cons) 3.20

B1 Ska cha cha 2.20
B2 Cradle song (Cantine) 6.25
B3 Queen of the night_(Reine de la nuit) 3.43

Eric B. - Drums
Hervê P. – Saxophone
Laurent Watteel – Vocals
Jerome C. – Bass
Oliver P. – Guitars

For booking and information:
MACHTOC, 36 rue Claude-Groulard, 76200 Dieppe, FRANCE
Recorded 3-7 March 1990 at Studio des 4A, Verneil-le-Chetif, FRANCE
Engineering and mix by Fabrice Lazard

MACHTOC remercie: Patrick Shan, Marc Johnson, les Machtokettes, Nenees (le Dog), Frederique, Hakim, eux-mêmes, et tout le monde. P & C 1990 Unicorn Records.

Sleeve Design: Machtoc
Photography: Régis Houlet
Test Press 22 October 1990
Unicorn label on 1st side - white label on 2nd

Press release on pink paper -

New Mini-Album Release
Artist: Machtoc
Title: Zippy
U.K. RELEASE DATE: 3rd December 1990
EXPORT RELEASE: 22nd October 1990
MACHTOC is an increasingly visible French Ska band from Dieppe, a city more famous for some of the most violent fighting of World War One. The band have been very active this year at pop festivals in France, and in June played the Fourth London International Ska Festival (Their debut U.K. date) where they were received with a great enthusiasm. Previously MACHTOC appeared on the French Ska compilation Vive Le Ska (Unicorn France PHZA-44) with their paen to the Himalayan endangered species The Yeti, and their song "The First Time" will be featured on Skankin' Round The World, Vol. 5 set for December release. Zippy, MACHTOC's debut mini-album, is a six-track opus revolving in the main around erotic lyrics sung in both English and French.
Zippy by MACHTOC is distributed by APT and Jet Star (UK), Rude (D). Danceteria (F), Contempo & Good Stuff (I), RAS USA, Multirock (ESP) and Caroline International.

barcode 5019695007411 dealer price £3.70

Skinhead ska band from Dieppe in France Recorded 3-7 March 1990
PHZA-75 Strange Fruit – At Last! (9 October 90)
10 track UK release by this 6 piece Roman ska band.
Produced by Gianni Del Popolo, licensed from Klang Records, Rome
Sleeve design by Strange Fruit, photography by Fausto Ristori
Recorded at Pan Pot Studio in Roma, on 13 February 1990

A1. Back To Me Again
A2. No money in de pocket
A3. Soul Shakedown Party
A4. The Bomb
A5. Over The Border
B1. In the mood for lovin'
B2. Crazy World
B3. Peer Gynt
B4. Tender
B5. City Raindrops

Gianni del Popolo -guitar vocals
Gabriele Cavallari - trumpet, flugel horn, vocals
Gianni Colaiacomo - bass, baritone vocals
Renato Oliva - drums, percussion
Sandra Gallatini - vocals
Enrico Cioccolini - lead vocals, keyboards
00175 Rome, Italy

added 2/21/06

Also released in Italy on Klang, 1990
PHZA-76 Spy Eye – Hot Pursuits! (11 SEP 1990)
10 Tracks from this Italian band from Trieste
— later on the Unicorn twofer PHZCD-81 (1994) split with Mr. Review
1. VC10 [1:25] (R. Alphonso)
3. LOOK SMART [3:55]
4. SHAKE IT UP [2:20]
5. MESSAGE TO YOU RUDY* [2:30] (R. Thompson)
runout groove states - "A Porky Prime Cut", "DAMONT"
2. PHANTOMS [2:35]
3. MORANGE [3:05]
5. EVERYTHING CRASH [7:05] (L. Dillon) This Ethiopians cover tune appears on L.P. only, later was cut off PHZCD-81 four years afterward

All songs by Spy Eye (Copyright Control) except if otherwise noted
P & C Unicorn Records Made In England. Note the Zoot! fanzines on back cover

Lorenzo Fragiacomo: vocals/melodica
Enrico Marzaroli: guitar
Walter Squazzin: bass
Lamberto Bello: drums
Massimillano "Volpe" Calo: alto saxophone
Plus the assistance of
Alessandro Giacaz: drums on **
Davide Kirchmayr: dancer/ chorus on *
Luca Micai: keyboards on *

Mixed and engineered by Toni Juris
Recorded May 1990 at Studio Tivoli (Liubliana) except ** recorded at EMG Studio (Trieste).
Thanks to Toni Juris, Guido "Zut" Pezzolato, Davide Valussi, Fabio Lai.

Greetings to everyone at the Nutty Bar, the staff of the Granmalabar, Plip (Come on, we're waiting for you!), to Paola a message to you Enrico, Kenny and Polska, The Monks, to all the kids in Australia (sorry), to the the Cottham City Heroes, I ragazzi del villaggio, Massimo Varuti, to George and Rhona, Maurillo di Genova, the Vespa Club Trieste "Gatta Randagi", to Ambra (The Things I Feel) from Lorenzo, and to everybody who believed in Spy Eye - I've told you, now we've done it!

Sleeve design Guido "Zut" Pezzolato - Photography: Elvio Moi
contact Spy Eye: Via Romagna 58 34134 TRIESTE ITALY

Other tracks on compilations:
These Boots Were Made For Stomping 2:49
Max The Dog Says .... Do The Ska (Phoenix City 1989, later Dojo)
Brand New Beat 2:56 Skankin' 'Round The World 1 (1989)
The Things I Feel 3:50 Skankin' 'Round The World 5 (1990)

out 11 September 1990
LP via Hesperia CA, 13 March 2012

You know, the first time I came to London was as a musician, I was 21 years old and I was playing with a Ska band at the time, anyway, the band did a record with the London based label Unicorn Records, so we came to play at a festival somewhere in Camden, Friday December 29, 1990. A great trip in the deep end of London really. And now that I was reminded of it, I googled it and found the catalogue of Unicorn – and there it is, my disc with also my face on the cover: [http://www.hpska.com/related/unicorn/unicorn.html] It’s the Spy Eye disc, count seven from the bottom, in the cover photo I’m the one on the left.

I didn’t have a say in any decision in that band, it was all run by one man, the front man and singer that was actually the only one interested in ska and was also the composer of all songs in spite of his next to zero knowledge of music theory, very talented man. And he had a pub. That band was good fun, the bass had a very fat sound and was very much into funk and the guitar was pure punk-rock, so it was a bit of a high energy punk-ska-funk thing (although funk is on ones and ska is on twos), I played alto sax and there was also a trumpet and sometimes a trombone too.

Max "Volpe" 9/2/08 Subject Re: Hot Pursuits

Hi John, It's amazing, somebody remembers the Spy Eye! And appreciates!
I googled and took a look at the compilation "Max the Dog..." looks good, and a great title. I remember us being on some compilation at the time, maybe it was that one.
It was all driven by Lorenzo Fragiacomo that is still active, he's a natural song-writer and quite a show-man. He's got a pub/club in Trieste, it's called Iguana, in case you pass by there. We played quite a few gigs in the north of Italy and also at ska festivals that at the time was enjoying a revival in Italy. We had a good couple of years I suppose, good reviews on specialized magazines and Lorenzo was very active finding good gigs to play. And then there was the London festival, that was the highlight of the life of the band. We recorded the Hot Pursuit disc in a studio in Ljubiana and I always thought that it was good disc, although as all studio recordings they're very polished but always miss on some energy. I think that in studio we played everything a bit slower than usual to start with. As for the members we were all very different from each other, which was interesting and we did get along very well. We were from different towns too. Lorenzo, me, the trumpet player and the drummer(s) were from Trieste, the guitarist was from Gorizia (about 50 km from Trieste) and the bass player from Udine (about 70km). Anyway, they were mobile people so they didn't mind doing a bit of driving to come and reherse in Trieste and we did reherse quite oftenn. Me and the trumpet player were coming from a soul funk band that at that time was on hold for military duties of a few members, that's why we joined, before us they only had a tenor sax that couldn't play very well, which was a bit painful as the rest of the band was pretty good instead, he stayed for a bit then he left. The bass player had a very fat sound and was really into funk so me and him used to groove on funk any time there was a break which wasn't appreciated by Lorenzo that was really into ska and nothing else those days.
I think I played in the band for about three years until I moved to Milan for work but maybe I'm wrong and the band stopped before, a long time has passed so I can easily be wrong. Anyway, they were good times and the music wasn't bad either, lots of parties and late nights.
I must get hold of the disc. I haven't listened to it since.

Oh man, thanks a million!! It doesn't sound bad either.
Listening to it make me I remember that on disc there's no trumpet because he was in the army too at the time of the recording and couldn't come to Ljubliana to record because he couldn't cross the border so most of the horns are just me doing different lines and one day we had a friend of mine on Tenor sax doing horn sections with me.
Was the trumpet with us in London is now the question?
Maybe not actually. I shall give him a call and ask him...


fanzine advert

PHZA-77 The Liquidators – Black and White Pictures

1. Swing Easy 2:09
2. Black & White Pictures 2:50
3. Do I Worry 3:50
4. Where You Going?* 4:03
5. Do The Best That You Can 2:58
All songs Copyright Control except 3. Blue Mountain Music Ltd. All songs written by Quintos/Johnson/Crowell except 1. Traditional, 3. Derrick Harriott. 5. Crowell/Johnson. P & C 1990 Unicorn Records Made In England.
Runout groove states "A Porky Prime Cut"

1. Long Time Again 4:49
2. Soul Steppin' 3:17
3. Do What You Wish* 3:40
4. Swing Time Ska 2:25
5. Riches To Rags* 5:31
All songs Copyright Control. All songs written by Quintos/Johnson/Crowell except 1. Johnson, 4. Crowell/Johnson, 5. Crowell/Quintos. P & C 1990 Unicorn Records Made In England. Runout groove states "MT LYN27768"

Lead Vocals: John Quintos
Vocals : Misty Hecht
Vocals: Derrick Jackson
Guitar, vocals on "Long Time Again": Scott Johnson
Guitar: Stefan Cajina
Keyboards: Randolph Arguelles
Bass: Mike Crowell
Drums/vocals: Kathy "K.G." Guillen (Zoot skazine's U.S.A. correspondent)
Drums on * by Eric Halliday

SPECIAL THANKS to Santa Cruz Centurions S.C. and friends, Leland McNeeley, John Scruggs, Joel Loya and Boots N' Booze 'zine, Memo, 100 Men, Spot Productions, Heath Avery, Middle Kingdom S.C., George, Tim, and all at Zoot!, The Allsorts, all our families, David, Johnny Pee-Bucks and the Utters, Dean, Mary Funsten, Trevor Mischler, West End Rude Boys, John Dilkes, Glen McHenry, Doug Fatone, The Toasters, Potato 5 and RPM Promotions, Jules, and all sussed skinheads, mods, and rudeboys keeping the spirit alive, plus all of our supportive friends and following -- without you it couldn't be done. Cheers!

Produced by The Liquidators, recorded at B. Street Studios, San Francisco, in September 1990, and (*) at Skyline Studios in January 1990. Engineered and mixed by George Rivas. Front sleeve & photography: John Quintos, Back sleeve quickie design: Mark Johnson. © 1990 Unicorn Records. Official contact address: THE LIQUIDATORS c/o Mike Crowell, Santa Cruz, CA 95061 United States

Out November 16, 1990 - this kicks ass.
Years later some members form the SF CA Northern Soul band Durango 95

& not to be confused with the later French band Les Liquidaters

L.P. via Chateauroux, France 1/16/13

American skinhead band The Liquidators
(Santa Cruz, CA)

see also split PHZCD-82

Skankin' Round The World Volume Five

A1. The First Time 2:54 (L. Wateel/ Machtoc) - Machtoc (Dieppe France) rec'd 3/3-7/90
A2. Spit n' Polish 2:34 (Martin Aberdeen) - Potato 5 (London England) rec'd live 6/12/89
A3. Riches To Rags 5:18 (Crowell/ Quintos) - The Liquidators (Santa Cruz USA) rec'd January 1990
A4. Silent River 4:51 (Traditional) - The Deltones (London England) rec'd September 1990
A5. Over The Border 4:14 (E. Cioccolini) - Strange Fruit (Rome Italy) rec'd 2/13/90
A6. Yeah Alright 3:11 (DeWilde) - The Late Notes (Drummoyne Australia) rec'd July & Nov 1990

All songs Copyright Control, Licensing #5 Klang Records Rome Italy
Runout: LYN-27931 Damont A Porky Production

B1. No Fun 2:08 - Gangbusters (San Diego USA) rec'd 3/17/90
B2. Trouble In Town 3:20 - Tighten Up (Devon England) rec'd 9/22/90
B3. Ska Polka 5:48 (J. Heffernan) - Skapa (Wellington New Zealand) rec'd Feb / Mar 1990
B4. The Things I Feel 3:45- Spy Eye (Trieste Italy) rec'd May 1990
B5. Jah-maica 2:45 - Lady Fun (Courbevoie France) rec'd September 1990
B6. We Need Enid 4:27 (David Finnon) – The Speakeazy (Oxon England) rec'd 9/29+30/90

All songs Copyright Control.
Runout: Damont Porky

This compilation is dedicated to all the rude boys S.H.A.R.P. skinheads and mods whose support of the Ska scene keeps the river flowing. In times of drought there may be only a trickle but the clouds always bring the rain to refresh the stream. Compiled by: Stan Roche Cover art: Steve Friel Sleeve Design: Mark Johnson ©1990 Unicorn Records Made in England Distributed by APT & Jet Star (UK), Rude (D), Danceteria (F), Bertus (BENELUX) Good stuff and Contempo (I), RAS (USA), Multirock and Caroline International. UNICORN RECORDS 191 Seven Sisters Road Finsbury Park London N4 3NG Phone Fax: 071-281-2821 Send long SAE UK ONLY or two IPRC's for FREE mail order catalogue. 33 RPM PHZA-78

Also Available in this Series:
Volume One (PHZA-21/ PHZCD 21) Bad Manners The Toasters, Potato 5, Skaos, The Deltones, Donkey Show, Bim Skala Bim, Mr. Review, Blue Chateau, Spy Eye, Kortatu, Saxawhaman
Volume Two (PHZA-33/ PHZCD 33) The Deltones, Skaos, The Busters, Napoleon Solo, Baby Snakes, The Braces, Casino Royale, The Skeletones, Les Frelons, Just Kidding, The Rude Boys, The New Breed
Volume Three (PHZA-52/ PHZCD 52) Laurel Aitken, The Potato 5, The Busters, Casino Royale, Mr. Review, The Deltones, Les Frelons, No Sports, The Elevators, Shot Black & White, The Frits, M.S.Q.
Volume Four (PHZA-70/ PHZCD 70) Skatalites, Laurel Aitken, Derrick Morgan, The Toasters, No Sports, The Riffs, Just Kidding, Blue Chateau, The Liquidators, The Mobsters, Dance Hall Crashers, Tchiky Monky

arrived 9/8/16 via Torino Italy

10 December 90

PHZCD-78 Various Artists – Skankin' Round The World, Volume 5 (10 December 90)

Potato 5, Deltones, Spy Eye, Liquidators, Latenotes, Machtoc, Strange Fruit, Skapa, Tighten Up, Gangbusters, The Speakeazy, Lady Fun

1. The First Time - Machtoc
2. Spit n' Polish (live) - Potato Five
3. Riches To Rags - Liquidators
4. Silent River - Deltones
5. Over The Border - Strange Fruit
6. Yeah Alright - Late Notes
7. No Fun - Gangbusters
8. Trouble In Town - Tighten Up
9. Ska Polka - Skapa
10. Things I Feel - Spy Eye
11. Jah-Maica - Lady Fun
12. We Need Enid – Speakeazy

From the Desk of Mark Johnson:
Unicorn Records London/ Paris / Berlin Incorporating the UNICORN, L.A. RECORDS and PHOENIX labels. Artist: Various
Title: Skankin' 'Round The World, Volume Five

RELEASE DATE: 10th December 1990
Unicorn Records releases the fifth volume in their highly-successful Skankin' 'Round The World series of international ska compilations on 10th December. Six countries are represented (the UK, United States, Italy, France, Australia, and New Zealand). including major ska stars like The Potato 5 (one of their last recordings), The Deltones, and fast-rising Italian skasters Spy Eye.

New talent on the international ska scene is also well-represented bt France's Lady Fun, Skapa from New Zealand, Gangbusters from San Diego (California) and England's Tighten Up and The Speakeasy -- plus contributions from The Liquidators (USA), The Latenotes (Australia). Machtoc (France) and Strange Fruit (Italy).
Skankin' 'Round The World, Vol. 5 is distributed by APT & Jet Star (UK), Rude (D), Danceteria (F), Good Stuff & Contempo (I), RAS (USA), Multirock (ESP), and Bertus (Benelux).

CD issued as DOJO CD 190
PHZCD-80 Derrick Morgan "Blazing Fire 1 and 2 Ska & Reggae Hits 1959-69" CD
The Immortal: Blazing Fire, Vol. 1 - Classic Ska 1959-65
The Immortal: Blazing Fire, Vol. 2 - Ska & Skinhead Reggae 1960-75

sourced from
[title/ JA studio/ year/UK release matrix #/ UK release year]
1. Lover Boy - Duke Reid 1959 (BB-18-A 1960)
2. Be Still - Beverley's 1961 (BB-76-B 1962)
3. Meekly Wait* - Count Bells 1961 (BB-94-A 1962)
4. Should Be Ashamed - Prince Buster's 1962 (BB-130-A 1962)
5. Sunday Monday - Beverley's 1961 (BB-76-A 1962)
6. Forward March - Beverley's 1962 (WI-011-A)
7. Miss Lulu - Prince Buster's 1960 (BB-239-A 1964)
8. Shake A Leg - Prince Buster's 1960 (BB-239-A 1964)
9. Oh My - Duke Reid 1959 (BB-18-A 1960)
10. Edmarine - Beverley's 1963 (WI-402-B)
11. Blazing Fire - Beverley's 1963 (WI-051-A)
12. You Never Miss The Water** - Beverley's 1965 (PYR-6027)
13. Fat Man - Smith's 1960 (BB-7-A 1960)
14. Don’t Call Me Daddy*** - Duke Reid's 1965 (JB-218-A)
15. I Found A Queen - Beverley's 1966 (WI-288-A)
16. It’s Alright - Beverley's 1966 (WI-277-A)
17. Housewive’s Choice - Beverley's 1966 (WI-18-A)
18. I’m in A Jam - Beverley's 1963 (WI-51-B)
19. Tougher than Tough (Rudie In Court) - Beverley's 1967 (PYR-6010-A)
20. Derrick-Top the Pop - No JA release (UN-540-A 1969)
21. I Love You - Duke Reid's 1968 (NB-8-A)
22. Hey Boy Hey Girl** - The Hop 1968 (NB-8-A)
23. Seven Letters - No JA release (JP-700-A / CB-8-A 1969)
24. Some Women Must Cry - No JA release (HOSS-105-A 1975)

* w/ Yvonne Harrison
** w/ Pauline Morgan
*** w/ The Baba Brooks Band
****w/ George Dekker
U.K. releases in brackets ( ).

Released/ marketed by Unicorn Records, a division of Unicorn International.
Distributed by Plastic Head Music, Oxfordshire England
Liner notes by Watford John, Cover art by Steve Friel
Sleeve design and colours: Mark Johnson
Compilation C & P 1993 Unicorn Records, Made in England

Many of these cuts can now be found on Trojan Records' Moon Hop: 1960-1969 Early Years 2CD anthology (out 5.19.03)

arrived 6/21/14 via Lake Forest, CA USA
[collects LPs PHZA-68 + PHZA-72 on 1CD]
Mr. Review - Walkin' Down Brentford Road + Spy Eye - Hot Pursuits split

1. The Feeling's Alright
2. Another Town
3. Chess
4. Buf Buf
5. Scars On Our Soul
6. Chasing
7. Ice & Snow
8. Complications of Life
9. Tarzan of The Eighties
10. Skampilation
11. Paradise By The Batmobile's Dashboard Light
12. Shifting Sand
13. VC10 [1:25]
15. LOOK SMART [3:55]
16. SHAKE IT UP [2:20]
18. THE THINGS I FEEL [3:45]
19. PHANTOMS [2:35]
20. MORANGE [3:05]
21. REMINDS ME OF CAIRO** [2:13]
Compile cuts off the final track on the Spy Eye portion, "22. Everything Crash", even though the print lists it - I'm guessing the limitations of 74:00

20 years later, inner aluminum is corroding

[collects PHZA-36 + PHZA-76]
Hotknives / The Liquidators split CD - 74:01

HOTKNIVES – THE WAY THINGS ARE, recorded Bromley UK 10/90
1. Dave & Mary 3:22
2. Another Day 3:49
3. One Man & His Dog 4:15
4. Mr. DJ 2:57
5. Believe It 2:54
6. Julie Julie 2:52
7. Bad boy 3:21
8. Don't Go Away 3:46
9. The Way Things Are 3:02
10. Bedsit Land 4:20
11. Man in the Cellar 3:09

LIQUIDATORS – BLACK & WHITE PICTURES, recorded San Francisco US 9/90
12. Swing Easy 2:09
13. Black & White Pictures (diff't mix than Skankin' Round The World) 2:50
14. Do I Worry 3:50 (orig. David "Scotty" Scott / Derrick Harriot)
15. Where Are You Going? 4:03
16. Do The Best That You Can 2:58
17. Long Time Again 4:49
18. Soul Steppin' 3:17
19. Do What You Wish 3:40
20. Swing Time Ska 2:25
21. Riches To Rags 5:31

CD arrived via DRDISC UK, 9/1/06
[collects PHZA-47 + PHZA-77]


Floyd Lloyd - Painted Faces
1. Soulful Lover (F. Seivright) 3:33
2. Moondance (Van Morrison) 6:24
3. Painted Faces (F.L. Seivright & Peter Frie) 5:38
4. Shattered Dreams (F.L. Seivright) 6:44
5. Sweet Lady (F.L. Seivright, co-produced by Eddy Grant) 5:52
6. You're For Real (F.L. Seivright / Mark Mallery) 4:49
1. I Can See The Light (F.L. Seivright) 5:08
2. Wake Up Your Mind (F.L. Seivright) 5:10
3. Beautiful Goodbye (F.L. Seivright) 5:25
4. When a Man Loves a Woman (C. Lewis / A. Wright) 4:06
5. Babylon Shall (F.L. Seivright / Shelia O' Shea) 4:38
6. Jah Jah Why (F.L. Seivright) 4:41

Thousands of mothers, Thousands of fathers,
confined to their Silence, fearing to dream - Soweto 1985

©1990 Unicorn Records / L.A. Records, 191 Seven Sisters Rd London
Distributed by Jet Star & APT (UK), Danceteria(F), Rude (D), Good Stuff (I), & Bertus (NL) Sleeve by Parrot Press London

Drums - Derrick Stewart (JA), Spec Ronnie (UK)
Bass - Zanu (UK), Avenger (JA), Francis (UK) Rudy Steel
Guitars - Tomlin Mills (JA), Trevor Starr (JA)
Pianos/ Organ: Floyd Lloyd
Ojemba: Sonny Binns
Horns: Eddie Tan Tan Thornton (trumpet), Steve Gregory (sax & flute), Chris Mercer (sax)
Percussion: Sonny Akpan (UK), Skully (JA)
Backing vocals: The Chanter Sisters - Jackie Robinson, Rudy Barry St John, Chrisie
Solo Rock Guitar: Eddy Grant (on Sweet Lady)

Recorded at Concert Studios, Jamaica and CFS, Coachouse in London.

Many of these same tracks can be found on his USA 1997 Tuff Gong/ Lightyear Recs compilation CD, (Tear It Up: The SKA Album) which also adds from Floyd Lloyd meets Laurel Aitken and Potato 5 on Gaz's Rockin Records UK (1985)

L.A. Records logotype = Flamenco Inline
arrived 1/7/08 via Chuck JumpUp, Chicagoland

Out 6 April 1990
12-LAR-4 Floyd Lloyd - Sweet Lady 12"

Sweet Lady 5:52 (Featuring Eddy Grant)
Soulful Lover (Remix) 4:20
LALP-5 Ansel Collins - So Long
available on at least vinyl and cassette
A1 So Long 3:12
A2 Let Your Yea Be Yea 4:02
A3 Penthouse 2:50
A4 Dream Dream 3:30
A5 Happy Feeling (Love) 3:25
B1 Are You Ready 3:15
B2 Let Me Love You 3:30
B3 Burning Fire 3:36
B4 I Can't Believe It 3:22
B5 Mr. Big Shot 3:25

• Bass– Richard "Richie" Barr*, R. McLean*
• Drums– Sly Dunbar, T. Williams*, Squiddly Cole*
• Engineer– D. Mason, E. Brown*, L. Bansie
• Engineer, Programmed By– T. McDonald
• Guitar– C. Willis, R. "Dougie" Bryan*
• Keyboards– Carol "Bowie" McLaughlin, D. Mason, M. Williams, Robbie Lyn
• Producer– Ansel Collins
Notes Recorded 1987 & 1988 at Sunpower, Dynamic, Tuff Gong and Caribbean Sound, Kingston, Jamaica.
Barcode and Other Identifiers Barcode: 5 019695 100518
Other (Label Code): LC 1411
5 OCT 1990
Twelve tracks of characteristic slackness from Jamaica's master of the rude double-meaning. Recorded in Jamaica, and the musicians include Sly Dunbar (drums), Ansel Collins (keyboard), Lloyd Parks (bass), Ranchie McLean (bass), Rad Bryan (guitar), Lloyd Willis (guitar), and Sticky Thompson (percussion).
1. "Operation Radication"
2. "11 + 11"
3. "Shorties"
4. "Lover's Corner"
5. "Eventide Fire"
6. "Bim and Bam"
7. "Stay With Me"
8. "Out Of Hand"
9. "Them a mad over me"
10. "Morning Ride"
11. "My Rosie"
12. "Badness"
Nine amazing Dub Reggae tracks recorded in two sessions in 1976. Musicians include Sly Dunbar & Mikey Boo (drums), Robbie Shakespeare & Flabba Holt (bass), Tony Chin & Rascher (guitar), Ansel Collins & Bobby Chalfat (keyboards), Bonger Herman & Skully (percussion), Dwight Pickney & Dougie (guitar) and Hutley (theife).
1. "The Zoic"
2. "The Man From Zion"
3. "Black Street"
4. "Ruff Ruf Step"
5. "Venus"
6. "Hold of Death"
7. "Dayler Gate"
8. "Victoria Fight"
9. "Zebra"

Clive Tennors - Ride You Donkey

side one
Ooh Girl
You Are Everything
Pleasure Ride
My Heart
Wishing on a Star

side two
Good News
Ride You Donkey
Be My Guest
Hop Skip & Jump

L.A Records 191 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park London N4 3NG England

The Tennors began recording in 1967 and had several very popular hits in the Jamaican charts including "The Stage", "Pressure and Slide", "Another Scorcher", "Ride you Donkey", "Massie Massa" and "Hard To Believe" to name some of the best known. They released two albums and were featured on various compilation albums on the Island and Trojan labels. Touring all the major entertainment spots in Jamaica, The Tennors reached their peak as a band in the early seventies when they were finalists in the Jamaican Festival Song Contest. When the group finally disbanded in the early Eighties all its members stepped away from the recording scene, but this was only temporary. Then in 1986 the band's leader, Clive Tennors, returned to the stage and the studio and since then has released three singles in his new hometown of Miami: "Pleasure Ride". "Sexy Girl" and "Prisoner of Love." Ride You Donkey is Clive's first solo album and marks the proper return to public acclaim of one of Jamaica's classic reggae singers.

Vocals - Clive Tennors
Guest Vocals** - Tweetie Fade
Drums - T. Benbow
Drums* Paul Pablo
Guitar - Charles Farquaharson
Bass - Teach
Bass* - Paul Pablo
Keyboards - Charles Farquaharson and Teach
Flute - Charles Farquaharson and Bruce Yarrock
Harmonies - Merlene, Marie and Glenda

Recorded at Bunny Lee's Studio, Kingston JAMAICA (June 1989) and Hollywood Sync, Miami, FLORIDA (August 1989). Engineers: Ray Rochester, Thomas Anthony and Bunny Tom Tom.
Special Thanks to Bunny Striker Lee, Derrick Morgan, Clint O'Neil (WLRN), Ronnie Burke & John T (WAVS), WEDR Radio Star Force 99, Danny Breckenridge (Reggae Report), Pablo & Charles 'Budgie' Farquaharson (Massive Crew Band). Cover Art: Martin Taylor Sleeve Design: Mark Johnson © 1990 Unicorn Records Made In England


A really enjoyable 12-track Reggae, Rap, Dub and Soul compilation.
1. ANSEL COLLINS: "Big Shot"
2. CLIVE TENNORS: "Pleasure Ride"
3. KENDRICK ANDY: "Natural Doctor"
4. YELLOWMAN: "Morning Ride"
5. RAS DAKARAI & THE SPICE ROOTS BAND: "I Don't Want To Be A Junkie"
6. MIKE BROOKS: "It's A Wonderful World"
7. DAVID JAHSON: "Formila"
9. LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY: "The Zoic"
10. DERRICK MORGAN: "Ride The Rhythm"
11. CARLTON GRAY: "Baltimore"
12. JERRY BAXTER: "Come With Me"

PHZ-1 The Times – 'London Boys'
b/w '(Where to go to) When The Sun Goes Down'

Times Change... Or Do They?

The lure of the lights and excitement of London and its Soho has hardly dimmed since a 19-year-old Mod named David Jones wrote of the bitter and sweet life of the "London Boys". Popular with audiences during his Sunday residency at the Marquee. "Now You've Met The London Boys" was a top pick with his fans for a single release but Bowie (as he was known by now on stage) said "the words were a bit strong" and could only hope he would be allowed to release it on an ep or lp. But a change of record company gave "London Boys" to the world as a b-side late in 1966, and the press release described the song as "David Bowie's partly autobiographical cameo of the brave and defiant little Mod racing up-hill along Wardour Street to an empty paradise". One of the absolute beginners looking at his world of cafes and scooters, dressed as sharp as their razor's edge existence. A starkly realistic freeze-frame in black and white. Trends come and go with the seasons, but style is immortal.

THE TIMES is Edward Ball, John East, Ray Kent & Keith Allen
Recorded At: Granny's Studios, Fulham.
Photo: Mike Ashworth
Sleeve ©1986 Unicorn Records

Distributed by Nine Mile & The Cartel
Unicorn Records PO Box 554, NW8 0JZ

Coming this summer by The Times

Side A
The Times
London Boys (Bowie)
Sparta Florida Music

An Artpop Production
Arranged by John East
Saxophone Roger Hing
P & C 1986 Unicorn Records

Side B
The Times
(Where to Go) When The Sun Goes Down
Twist & Shout Music

An Artpop Production
Arranged by John East
P & C 1986 Unicorn Records

arrived 11/13/18 via Lombard Street, Philadelphia PA

red/ black 2C pic sleeve
16 Jun 1986
PHZ-2 Various Artists – The Phase III Mod bands E.P.
1. The Threads - Step Back
2. The Threads - Alison
3. The Underground Arrows - The Beat Of Line
4. The Underground Arrows - Sabry

blue/ black 2C pic sleeve
28 Jul 1986
PHZ-3 Purple Hearts - Friends Again
hard to find late release from Romford's Purple Hearts on Unicorn Records (PHZ 3)
'Head On Collision Time' on the flip

A: Purple Hearts Friends Again
B: Purple Hearts Head On Collision Time

Unicorn Records PO Box 554, NW8. Distributed by Nine Mile & The Cartel
purple/ black 2C pic sleeve
26 Aug 1986
PHZ-4 Various Artists – The Phase III Mod bands E.P.
1. The Risk (Guernsey /Channel Islands) - Jobs For The Boys
2. The Outlets (London) - Love Someone
3. The Toasters (NYC) - Naked City
4. Modest Proposal (D.C.) - The Look In Your Eyes

Unicorn Records PO Box 554, NW8. Distributed by Nine Mile & The Cartel

maroon/ black 2C pic sleeve
1 Dec 1986
PHZ-5 A Sharp - Entertain Me
B Sharp - So Say Hurrah (The Emperor's New Clothes)
10 Nov 1986
PHZ-6 Various Artists – The Phase III Mod bands E.P.
1. City Motions (Holland)- Theme
2. XL (England)- The World To Me
3. The Pictures (England) - My Home Town
4. Manual Scan (USA) - 31968

Unicorn Records PO Box 554, NW8. Distributed by Nine Mile & The Cartel
orange/ black 2C pic sleeve
5 May 1987
PHZ-7 Underground Arrows
No Chance To Escape
Keep On Going On
We Have Learnt

see also
Format: 7 INCH
Country: ITALIAN
Year: 1987
Description: 3 TRACK (DM87004) PIC SLEEVE, EX/EX

1 Jun 87
PHZ-13 Various Artists – The Phase III Mod bands E.P.
1. The Key - Nothing Gets Better
2. The Sons Of Jet - Marilyn Monroe
3. The Second Generation - Throw It All Away
4. The Switch - Please Don't Walk Away

Unicorn Records PO Box 554, NW8. Distributed by Nine Mile & The Cartel
green/ black 2C pic sleeve
13 Oct 1987
PHZ-34 The Deltones – Stay Where You Are**

Debut 7" from the album Nana Choc Choc in Paris (UNICORN PHZA-31) c/w Lemon Squeezy (Previously Unreleased)

Recorded at Studio Davout, Paris • Cover by Steve Friel • Photo by Tini
Distributed by: The Cartel (UK) New Rose (France)
Made in England P & C Unicorn Records 45 RPM

Stay Where You Are 3:18 (Smith/Goldsmith)
Taken From PHZA-31, Published by Burlington Music
Lemon Squeezy 3:34 (J. Ligett)
Prev Unrel+
Recorded in Paris, August 1988

Gorgeous picture sleeve release for this cult UK ska revival band!
Superb 2Tone-style cover of Gloria & the Dreamlets classic JA side "Stay Where You Are." A must for ska / skinhead / Madness / Specials fans

+ Studio B-side recording won't be available elsewhere until
• PHZCD-31 (Nana Choc Choc CD bonus cut)
• PHZCD67 (Super Ska yellow sampler 1993)
• STEPCD040 (Ska Explosion Live! Astoria London 3/1989 pink CD, 1995)

the original** 7in Island 1965 WI 169, Treasure Isle
A1 Cow In A Pasture - Stranger Cole With Owen & Leon
B1 Stay Where You Are - Gloria & The Dreamlets
Notes: Duke Reid, Jamaica

via Lidköping, Sweden, 10/2010

pink/ black 2C pic sleeve
7 Mar 1989
PHZ-37 The Busters – Rude Girl, 7"
So what is your game?

RUDE GIRL (3:55)
Recorded at Gronemeyer Studio, Rauenberg, September 1988 and produced by Weserlabel

Recorded at Gronemeyer Studio, Rauenberg, January 1989 and produced by Weserlabel. All songs written by M. Grittnir

added to this page 12 July 2017

PHZ-40 Laurel Aitkin [sic] – Everybody Ska / Skinhead 7"

No logo just text on standard blue Unicorn label.
PHZ-41 The Deltones – Make me Smile / Patricia Hamilton
Ltd. radio promo 7"

The Deltones – Make Me Smile 7"
Side A
MAKE ME SMILE 3:27 (Leyton/ McGuiness)
Recorded in Paris
P & C 1989 Unicorn Records, Made In England
runout: POUNDA UTOPIA MT LYN-23437

Side B
1. PATRICIA HAMILTON 3:30 (Parsons/ Leyton)
Recorded at Studio 227 Islington London UK 10-11 & 15 April 1989
P & C 1989 Unicorn Records, Made In England
runout: B MT LYN-23438

• Plain black sleeve
• Released 6th June 89, no "Running Around" on B as the 12" does
• Title track appears on PHZ-31
Side A recorded in Paris; Side B recorded at Studio 227, Islington, 10-11 & 15 April, 1989.
***Not to be confused with the red-faced non-Unicorn 7" PS

Matrix / Runout (Side A (Variant 1)): MT LYN 23437
Matrix / Runout (Side B (Variant 1)): MT LYN 23438
Matrix / Runout (Side A (Variant 2)): PHZ-41-A-1 MT LYN-23437 POUNDA UTOPIA
Matrix / Runout (Side B (Variant 2)): PHZ-41-B-1 MT LYN-23438 B

The Deltones:
Dill, Fen, Jeremy, Anna, Serena, Penny, Julie, Angela, Nicky & Verona

Press Release
London's THE DELTONES have the distinction of being the world's only all-girl band with a male member, but somehow that doesn't seem to bother Jeremy! Formed in 1983, THE DELTONES are a ten-piece SKA/BLUEBEAT band who began their live career in 1985 and have since established an enthusiastic following both at home and abroad. They have toured Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium-but it is in France that THE DELTONES have become national musical heroines and this has led to five tours in the past 18 months. In fact when it came to record their last debut LP, THE DELTONES chose to go to Paris where noted French producer Didier Le Marchand translated the bands ideas into the lush powerful dance LP 'NANA CHOC CHOC IN PARIS'.
• NANA CHOC CHOC IN PARIS' was first released in November [1988] in France on the Parisian label Boucherie, and London's Unicorn Records released it in the UK. During this Spring [1989] THE DELTONES were featured throughout the final show of 'Motormouth' and a BBC Southeast feature on the New Ska music, not to mention the 'Rapido' programme which focussed on the making of their LP in Paris.
THE DELTONES current release is 'MAKE ME SMILE' B/W PATRICIA HAMILTON' on Unicorn records. For more info on the band Contact: STEVE MORTON 01-831-2868. 83 Clerkenwell Road, London, ECIR 5HP VAT Reg. No: 440 5804 69 Phone: 01-831-2868 · 01-405-1635 Fax: 01-242-0890

via Central Bedfordshire, UK 28 JAN 20

6 JUNE 1989
PHZ-54 Laurel Aitken - Sally Brown 7" radio?
7Wake-1 A. Busters – Mickey Mouse In Moscow (RADIO PROMO) / Deltones
B. Deltones – Scream Jean (RADIO PROMO) / Busters

Chromed vespa logo cover at right mock up 2003, used as placeholder;
has been stolen for youtube since
7", 1989

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Thanks to Mark Johnson (RIP), Tim Wells, Jeremy P (toasters.org),
Charlie L, Kevin F (gofeet.info) and Steve S (duffguidetoska) for their input

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Post-2Tone's first multinational corporation 1988, long defunct.
UNICORN RECORDS 191 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park London N4 3NG
UNICORN FRANCE, 11 allee J.-B.Clement, 78570 Andresy, France
UNICORN DEUTSCHLAND, Pucklerstrasse 22, 1000 Berlin 36, West Germany
UNICORN INTERNATIONAL, Perihan Sok. 117/5 Sisi. Istanbul Turkiye

Several illustrations & 70 jackets by Steve Friel, ultimate skinhead artist
Steve, Chas, a pint and a packet of crisps

Steve Shafer's 'BLUEPRINT' in TPSA#5, 1998

RARE N' RUDE #6, Co. Louth Ireland, 1990

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