$$,$$$ In August 2001, America’s longest running ska TV show aired episode #144, celebrating its third year in production. Skank on This is the dyslexic brainchild of Fritz, one of the very few 21+ humans that still thinks ska is cool. Fritz saw a need and filled it – the need was that he needed to see ska on TV. So starting out with one HI-8 camera and an old VCR, he turned his love for ska into the world’s only 60 minute ska television show (some 12 week blocks 120 min. per episode). Now 3 years later and quite a bit of money spent, Fritz and assistant cameraman Darryl have become oh so very good at shooting bands in dark low light conditions, all over New York State, with not one but two state of the art Canon XL-1 DV camcorders. They reluctantly move closer towards the digital domain with this equipment and its own in-house production lab, This Kid Productions, but it’s worth the picture. Its self-taught producers have even done contract work for local clubowners to get live events on tape. Plus, the program has also sponsored live ska events, such as an annual Skanksgiving concert. Skank on This television needs your support and asks for your help. Send a video of your ska band and in return he will gladly provide a copy of the finished show it plays on. Or better yet, invite them to come tape your ska show; have camera will travel.

Some bands taped in the past include Johnny Socko, Mustard Plug, Toasters, Bosstones, Slackers, Pilfers, Scofflaws, Bim Skala Bim, Pietasters, Laurel Aitken, Skavoovie & The Epitones, Isaac Green & Skalars, Bluebeats, Blackouts, Mexican Cession, Planet Smashers, Kingpins, Skarface, Porkers, Skinnerbox, Victor Rice Octet, King Django, Stubborn All-Stars, Chris Murray, Spider Nick & The Maddogs, Pressure Cooker, Mephiskapheles, Bigger Thomas, NYSJE, B-3’s and numerous other national punkrock and local acts.

Be assured that they do not sell, trade or bootleg tapes in any way, so don’t ask. Currently, the twice-weekly show airs Wednesday nights at 11pm and Saturdays at midnight on city cable in Rochester.

A warm glow, October 2000 ?¿
(First appeared HP! issue #7 page 88, November 2001)

<< walked to Rite-Aid 2am that night to get a second bottle of white glue to finish banner.




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